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Hey #Moni Maker 🥋

Today, in 1989, Douglas Engelbart was awarded an honorary prize by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his invention of the computer mouse. The scientist had to wait 21 years for official recognition. So let's not despair - it is possible that the Nobel Prize Committee will revise the original rules and give Satoshi the prize he deserves despite his anonymity.

Let’s go!



Fries, big mac, and NFT. Please

McDonald's French affiliate has tokenized its meals by introducing them as NFTs.

NFT tokens in the form of Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets, Mc Sandy ice cream, and French fries will be uploaded to OpenSea. A total of five copies of each item will be released.

What's interesting is that McDonald's has decided not to sell their NFTs, but to give them away to fast food lovers as prizes for participating in contests. NTFs will be raffled off April 9-13 and April 14-18. DDB media head Pierre Guengan said the tokens could be sold if desired.

But the main idea was to make McDonald's technology available to the public.

So what?

Interesting move! For the first time when you buy (get) merchandise from McDonald's you don't have to worry that your ass will get very fat :)

We'll be sure to participate!


Halving gets things fixed

Gold is just a metal. Not even heavy :(

Comparison of BTC, gold and S&P 500 returns since halving:

Bitcoin +584%

Gold +1.71%

S&P 500 +39.4%


👾 Investing is a noble business!

cp0x.com is here!

Especially when it comes to investing in Moni. Especially when the investor is Alex from cp0x!

While you are going crazy with envy, let's tell a little more about our new investor 😉 Alex is a cofounder of cp0x.com, one of the best Runet IT platforms and a validator of TheGraph, Polkadot, Kusama, Solana, and more.

Check it out! Here's the link (this is the very last time we can share it). And we're off getting high on smoothies 🖖

Moni is gathering the best people in the world. Who will be our next investor? 🤔 If you guess, we'll give you immediate access to the app and make you famous by praising you in one of our digests!


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And you...buy Bitcoin! 😉


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