Moni Talks EP4: Bitcoin Accepted Here

26 June, 2020 | by


Moni Talks EP4
  • coin BTC
    Bitcoin $ 9 192 -0.89% $ -64
  • coin ETH
    Ethereum $ 231.69 -0.04% $ -0.36
  • coin Ripple
    XRP $ 0.1828 -0.24% $ -0.0024

Quick Moni News

  • See the vital crypto-market stats here.

  • A massive growth in bitcoin adoption is seen across the board with 3,500 Australian post offices and 20,000 U.S. outlets, including 7Eleven and CVS Pharmacy to sell bitcoin.

  • Fintech giant PayPal plans to roll out direct sales of cryptocurrency to its 325 million users.

  • Some Venezuelans may be able to pay for new passports using bitcoin.

  • The funds, received by the fraudster behind the infamous Chinese-based PlusToken ponzi scheme were on the move earlier this week, yet Ethereum blockchain congestion played a trick on bad actors and blocked them during an attempt to cover their tracks.

  • Brazil bans WhatApp payments, Coinbase CEO responds with “This is why we need crypto”

  • Stablecoins and DeFi are “stealing Ethereum’s thunder,” while Vitalik Buterin tweets that high interest rates, provided by some DeFi projects, are unsustainable.

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