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Hey #Moni Maker 🙃

Today in 1912, Titanic was put to sea for sea trials. It was a success... At first glance. In general, the moral of that fable is simple: do not succumb to first impressions and always carefully assess each project, no matter how promising it might look at first glance.

Let’s go!


NFT = $200 000 000

A high-trend for creative people

Artwork in the form of NFT tokens was sold for $200 million in March, more than the entire year of 2020, according to data from CryptoArt.

So what?

Or does it seem or does NFT really beat the DeFi hype? Probably beats it.

NFTs are more understandable to the public than decentralization (what a complicated word).


Bitcoin will beat gold

We do NOT need gold, Lord!

Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz said on CNBC that bitcoin is slowly approaching the precious metal in terms of capitalization. Novogratz also doesn't rule out a more aggressive scenario in which the coin could even outperform the precious metal.

So what?

Gold is boring. It's for old uncles drinking pure whiskey at the bar, discussing golf and suffering other trappings of the expensive life.

BTC is alive. HE IS LIVE!


BlackRock is getting on bitcoin

Rock Climbers

According to an SEC report, a fund of the world's largest investment firm, BlackRock, bought bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

The BlackRock Global Allocation fund bought 37 contracts with an expiration date of March 26.

Given that each bitcoin contract is worth 5 BTC, the fund's investment totaled more than $7 million. The unrealized gain was $360,458.

In February, BlackRock stated that the company has a strong interest in bitcoin as an alternative protective asset.


Elon Musk loves dogs

No Fomo

DOGE has responded with a 30% rise since the tweet.


"Coinbase Effect"

Armstrong is the King of the Mountain

Messari analysts decided to analyze the "Coinbase Effect" and how listings affect the value of assets on other major exchanges. The calculation was based on investment returns for five days after listing.

The analysis used data from six centralized exchanges:

Coinbase (28 listings);

Binance (22 listings);

FTX (19 listings);

Gemini (19 listings);

Kraken (11 listings);

OKEx (14 listings).

The highest figure belongs to Coinbase with an average return of 91%. FTX and OKEx are also in the top three with an average yield of 50%.



read it!

Now comes the news from yesterday's digest. It didn't come out because ̶d̶i̶d̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶w̶a̶n̶t̶ angry bankers broke down the door of the Moni Talks editorial office and destroyed all laptops. But we're in favor of decentralization. So a couple of PCs survived in the Moni Talks headquarters on the outskirts of GemCity.


BTC +100% in 2021


Thanks to a significant increase from $29,000 to $58,000, bitcoin is showing an excellent quarterly performance of +100.3%. This is the first ever big first quarter close.

So what?

It's interesting that crypto spring came just that winter. Or a crypto thaw?


Throw away the gold

Everyone wants Bitcoin

Bitcoin continues to supplant gold as a savings vehicle in investors' portfolios, according to a recent report from Bloomberg Intelligence.

Bloomberg senior strategist Mike McGlone said that based on technical and fundamental indicators, the battle between the assets is stacked in favor of bitcoin.

Gold's trading range at the moment will be between $1600 and $1900 an ounce, McGlone said, adding that it doesn't have much upside or downside potential.

So what?

Gold is boring. Gold. So what. Last century. Investors there will never see such roller coasters as we have in crypto. Boring. Gold. Last century!


Bugatti = 1 BTC

Nothing new

Kraken CEO, Jesse Powell, began predicting the future value of bitcoin in cars.

Jesse expects further growth of bitcoin and according to his opinion by 2022 1 BTC will be equal to the cost of a Lamborghini, and in 2023 you can buy a Bugatti car for bitcoin.

“To me and to the crypto community those kinds of assets it make it easier to measure that way because you never know where the dollar’s going to be – there could be ten times as many dollars out a year from now, so it’s really hard to measure Bitcoin against the dollar.”,- Powell said.


Willie Woo is our bro

Far Btc 3

Analyst Willie Wu expects 2021 to be the end of the current "bull cycle" and that we'll see an explosive rise in bitcoin closer to the end of the year.

“You’d be crazy to sell right now. There’s more buying the dip than ever seen before, a new record for 2021 and we know the person that’s buying the dip is Rick Astley and he’s not going to let us down.”,- the analyst noted.

Willie also added that bitcoin is unlikely to decline anytime soon due to the massive transfers of BTC from cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase to cold wallets - suggesting that whales are buying up and waiting for the first cryptocurrency to rise.

So what?

Willie's our boy, always right on point. Worth listening to.


FTX has outplayed everyone

Show your volumes, honey

According to BDC Consulting, trading volumes on cryptocurrency exchange FTX exceeded $52.2 billion in March. The exchange beat out Binance with $49.2 billion in volumes, as well as Huobi, OKEx and Bitmex.

Average daily trading volume on the market exceeds $137 billion.


$9 000 000

Attract, but remember!

One of the largest NFT marketplaces, SuperRare, has raised $9 million in an "A" round.

The round was led by Velvet Sea Ventures and 1confirmation with participation from Version1, Collaborative Fund, Shrug Capital, Third Kind, The LAO, SamsungNext, Sound Ventures, Naval Ravikant and others.

Long Story Short

  • Binance has launched a high-yield EASY token-stacking program with yields of up to 40.56% APY. More details at the link;

  • Binance has launched trading of open-ended futures contracts on OGN/USDT with up to 25x leverage.


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