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Hey #Moni Maker 🔏

Today, in 1934, the first cartoon with the participation of Donald Duck was released. It would seem how a duck that speaks with incomprehensible sounds and always gets into trouble can get hype? But against the background of the statements of modern influencers, Donald's speeches are meaningful and incredibly deep.

If only because he is not trying to dump the market like his namesake. Okay, no toxicity, Digest is waiting there. Let’s go!


Paris Hilton Origin

It's not just a bunch of words :)

World-famous actress and singer Paris Hilton has joined the Origin (OGN) project as an investor and consultant.

Paris will provide strategic advice on how to most effectively deliver value with NFT to top-tier creators such as celebrities, influencers and brands.

Also today, Binance announced the addition of Origin, along with CELR, ROSE, RAMP, IOTX, and KNC, to Binance Staking with up to 34.79% APR.

So what?

Hmm. Well, if Mrs. Hilton ... NFTs are not dead yet? So the second wave of hype is coming soon?

But! Please, do not talk about NFT to famous American politicians. Otherwise, they will think that NFT-tokens compete with the pictures that they draw in the heads of citizens ... Hard to get. But deep!


32 = 325к BTC

Give Bitcoin to the people!

According to the analytical service CryptoTreasuries, 325,013 bitcoins are concentrated on the balance sheets of 32 companies, which is equivalent to $ 11.7 billion.

The largest BTC holder is Block.One, which owns 140,000 BTC.

The second and third places on this list are occupied by MicroStrategy and Tesla.

As for Ethereum, only 11 companies jointly own $ 470 million in ETH (169,279 ETH).



What is happening ?!



Meme of the Day 😄


And you...buy Bitcoin! 😉 (it's a good time!)


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