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Привет #Moni Maker ✋

Today, in 1876, Alexander Bell patented the telephone. Previously, in order to present your creation to the public, you had to go through seven circles of hell: various inspections, media approval, etc. Cryptocurrency, allows everyone to create and get the recognition: whether you are a trader, an investor, or a developer.

Well, let's create history together with #Moni Talks?

Let’s go!


PayPal & Crypto

Do you like new shoes? :)

PayPal CEO, Dan Schulman, spoke about the creation of the crypto division. It will offer more than just "buy, sell, store. At the end of 2020, the launch of cryptoservices payment system was considered a very optimistic and turning point for the industry and the company itself.

Despite the fact that the crypto division of PayPal is still in its formative stages, it is already working with smart contracts on Ethereum and other platforms. The company is also looking for a candidate to help create a "super app" for cryptocurrencies.

So what?

Wonderful, but we hope PayPal will not turn into the PayEnemy. Many users complain about the increased commissions when buying bitcoins in PayPal.

Any misstep by PayPal will lead to another big outburst of negativity towards crypto.

Be careful, Mr Schulman, you always can become a #Moni Talks Meme...


MicroStrategy bought BTC

Waiter, we'll have a repeat!

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor announced an additional 205 BTC purchases worth about $10 million.

The average purchase price is $48,888. In total, the company now owns 91,064 BTC worth about $4.4 billion with an average purchase price of $24,119.


EIP-1559 will be included in the London hardfork

July 2021. Not waiting, but getting ready!

The Ethereum developers discussed the implementation and inclusion of EIP-1559, which was proposed by Vitalik Buterin back in 2019, in the next hardfork (London).

EIP-1559 is an important Ethereum update designed to move the network away from an auction-based commission generation model to automatic calculation of load-sensitive transaction fees for miners.

EIP-1559 could lead to deflation. As the gas is consumed, most of that ETH will be burned, which in the long run could even lead to a reduction in the number of ETH. This way, the developers will reduce the load on the network and get rid of investor fears of "high inflation."

So what?

Some investors wrote off ETH, saying, Buterin, f*ck you. “We better go to the funny Asian CZ, it's more fun and has less commission in BSC” © (not a quote!)

But we don't see a big alternative to ETH in terms of decentralization yet. Vitalik will turn the game around.


Hackers are attacking!


PAID rate collapsed by 90% during the hacker attack. Hackers managed to mint more than 59.4 million coins, which began to merge in large batches on DEX.

Paid Network has several successfully passed audits, including one from Certik. The project also conducts IDOs and has a huge number of token holders.

But someone managed to mint $100 million worth of tokens and flush them into the cup, dropping the price by 90%.


Binance invested in Multicoin Capital fund

Hello, Binance!

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced a strategic investment in Multicoin Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund and venture capital fund manager. The exchange emphasizes that this is the first investment of this nature for it.

With its investment, Binance becomes a limited partner in Multicoin Capital. In the future, the exchange promises to work closely with the fund to explore opportunities in the blockchain space, "including development and expansion in the marketplace."


Meme of the Day 😄

We feel it!

And you...buy Bitcoin!😉


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