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Hey Moni Maker

Today, in 1859, the Frenchman Jean Blondin crossed Niagara Falls with a second acrobat on his shoulders. Yes, people had their fun! How about now? Now we are acrobats for ourselves... we need to raise money on the crypto market, not to get into the clutches of scammers, touch some new projects, and live some.

Anyway, none of this would be possible without Digest, right? Let's go!


Pepe was squawking, but it didn't last long

Create, but remember...

Sad Frogs District, a recently launched Ethereum-based NFT project featuring 7,000 randomly-generated profile pictures, has been removed from leading NFT marketplace OpenSea following a DMCA takedown request from artist Matt Furie, creator of the popular Pepe the Frog meme.

OpenSea shared word of the project delisting via its official Discord server yesterday, specifically stating that the company responded to the request from Furie.

“We know this is likely disappointing, and we don’t enjoy doing it—that said, we must comply with lawful takedown requests,” reads a message from OpenSea’s Discord moderators. “Creators that feel that their work should not be subject to a DMCA are welcome to file a counter-DMCA. We are unbiased and will follow whatever is lawfully required.”

The DMCA is the United States’ Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and copyright owners can submit DMCA takedown requests when they believe that their intellectual property (IP) is being unlawfully used by another online party. This often happens with online videos and games created within platforms like Roblox, and it’s happening in the NFT world too.

Furie has previously targeted unauthorized use of the Pepe meme outside of the NFT space. Along with flourishing inside the crypto and video game community spaces, among others, the Pepe meme has also been adopted by members of the alt-right American political affiliation.

So what?

After all, someone will be pleased that his work is viral even for free, and someone likes to eat good food.

What do you think? You can always drop by our chat and give us your opinion.


More Optimism to the LIFE

Smile, Just Smile

DEX aggregator 1inch has expanded to Ethereum scaling solution Optimism.

The aim is to lower gas fees and increase transactions per second for 1inch users.


Dough is heavy, but it's OK

Get Get Get Getitttt

CertiK Raises $24m in Series B+ Funding Round

A month ago CertiK closed a $37 million funding round with Coatue Management, Shunwei Capital and Coinbase Ventures.


Wanna be in #rec, in top!

Go to our TikTok house!

Audius pumped for 90% after the announcement of its partnership with TikTok. The token is now priced at $3.22

Audius is a platform for decentralized music streaming. As part of the collaboration, artists from the platform will publish their tracks to TikTok in one click.

Audius was the first developer program partner to connect third-party music libraries to the TikTok ecosystem.

Let's make some challenges, shall we? :))



God Father is coming

Vitalik Buterin, criticized the state of on-chain governance!

What he wrote:

“The most important thing that can be done today is moving away from the idea that coin voting is the only legitimate form of governance decentralization. Coin voting is attractive because it feels credibly neutral: anyone can go and get some units of the governance token on Uniswap.”

Do you agree with him?


We love hackers!

And hackers love us

The Chinese project Poly Network liked the $611 million hack so much that they decided to launch a bug bounty program to find bugs in the protocol.

The program will be launched on August 17 in collaboration with the Immunefi platform. The total reward pool will be $500,000, $100,000 for each major bug found.


Glossary word

Learn, learn, learn!

Stop Loss is a type of order which allows you to limit possible losses. In case of a price reversal against a trade, such an order will close an unprofitable position with a pre-planned loss.

And more you can find in our Glossary!


Meme of the Day


And you...buy Bitcoin! (it's a good time!)


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