⚔️ Portfolios' Battle meets Heroes!

31 October, 2020 | by
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Hey #Moni Maker 🥳

Today, in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin Whitepaper. This event is the starting point in the history of cryptology, so we ran to celebrate (yes, right from morning=D). And you, my friend, today's digest is waiting for you - traditionally there are a lot of interesting things!

Let’s go!


The Portfolios Battle is over

Hey! Hey! Hey!
The Portfolios Battle is over.

Our legendary Portfolios Battle dedicated to the three-year anniversary of Incrypted has come to an end.

All the winners had Fillecoin in their portfolios, which rose over 40% this week. And further it depended on the rest of the coins in the competitors’ portfolios.

The results of The Portfolios Battle!

Congratulations to:

Mypotr (+28.41%) - $700 or iPhone 12 Mini

Zelen' (+26.41%) - $400 or PlayStation 5

Luna 2020 (+25.82%) - $250 or AirPods Pro

The winners decided to take the money,so they already got them!

And the worst was the portfolio called "Loser" (Лузер) which showed a -44.55% “growth” with YFII and YFIII in the portfolio and also got $100.

@CryptoLamer gets $100 for the best description of the portfolio, which was called "Worst Ever". He tried to take the last place, but entered the TOP-5 with the index of +24.48%.

Also, in our Telegram we summed up the results of our other contests: the Waitlist Competition, the Meme Competition and the Funniest Names Competition.

Congratulations to all the winners of the battle! It was cool and fun, join us next time!

P.S. Also we created English chat. Please, feel free to join!

Meme of the day

The portfolio named "Худший евер" (The worst ever) got TOP-5.


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