👩‍🌾 Yield Duck: B!tches didn't clean their FUD! Edition №12

29 September | by

Hey Moni Maker

F@ck yeah. I wish crypto FUD make my belly smaller and my wallet fatter... because there's been so much of it lately.

Whatever. Delta.Theta и Moni Talks are here. I'd love to say some funny sh!t at the beginning of Digest again, but I'm not in the mood. Autumn, b!tch.

All right, the market's waiting. Let's walk!


Parsing the market like Lego

Overall Legacy of the Week

FUD on the left... FUD on the right... all this hopelessly turns the marketplace into a swamp. Nevertheless, individual success stories do happen! Mr. dydx made it to the top and is already in third place by market capitalization. In terms of trading volume, it is the first as it seems. With these officials, soon, all the liquidity of the world will go to DeFi…


Ethereum TVL went into horizontal flight mode, which cannot be said about the price of gas. Dudes from Bitfinex paid 23.6 million comms to transfer 100k USDT. I should whisper to them about metamask...But the miner gave the dough back, by the way.

Champion of the week: KeeperDao (+87.5%)


BSC will not soon surpass its previous TVL record. But there are other records: the number of daily active users for the last ten days averaged 1,056,363. Blockchain from the people!

Gainer of the week: Nerve (+69.85%)


SOLANA TVL stopped falling, and the price of the token went up again. The guys recovered from the crash and are ready to conquer new heights. Plus they are shaking up new themes on NFTs. Believe it!

The beauty of the week: Port Finance (+59.34%)


Although it has been painful to look at TVL POLYGON lately, it is slowly developing. For example, the number of unique active addresses per day exceeded a similar figure for Ether and amounted to 351k.

Leader of the week: PolyQuity (+95.11%)

AVALANCHE is one of the few that is growing in TVL. And we can see that on the chart. The ecosystem's native token, AVAX, has made x9 in two months. This rapid growth was aided by a $230M funding round from top venture capitalists and a partnership with AAVE. Rumour has it that after an extreme update, the project may have Solana worried...

Psycho of the Week: Teddy Cash (+2497%)

Projects’ News

The DAO team is looking to diversify their portfolio. They managed to make decent money in 2021 and now need to hedge risks properly. At the moment, most of their assets consist of their own tokens, which is a big problem if the price of tokens drops.

Digital asset security firm Fireblocks has posted a proposal on the Aave forum to explore and approve participants in platform giant DeFi. If successful, Firebase will be able to connect many institutional clients to the lending protocol. This is an excellent prospect for the development of the project and the crypto industry as a whole.

According to coinmarketcap, the daily trading volume on DEX exchange dYdX reached $9.8 billion. It should be noted that the popular CEX exchange Coinbase has about $3.1 billion. Uniswap - the nearest DEX competitor, has about 1.2 billion dollars of trading volume per day.

The COMP community voted to award a grant to Gauntlet to optimize risk and streamline processes.

And one last sweet thing: Project CAKE is celebrating its birthday, and they are making a giveaway of 100 NFT. To become a participant, you need to do a few simple actions and write a story about why you like this project so much ;)


Yeld review | FARM THEM ALL

I'm not Milen Farmer. I'm a Farmer.

And now I'm going to share some interesting farming ideas with you. I've listed them down into three parts by risk profile: low, medium, and high (IT’S REALLY DANGEROUS).

Even though Delta.Theta did a good analysis, DYOR on your part is necessary! DYOR is a f@cking mask when you walk into a store! You can't go into projects without it! Gooooo!

Low Risk

Two stablecoins, good yields, good liquidity...DYOR and fly in.

Medium Risk

There are two good assets here too, but on Avalanche. Get the risk/reward ratio right and make good monies.

High Risk

This toy is on Arbitrum, son. Figure out first what this new blockchain is all about, and you can dabble for a penny, I'll allow it (but only for a penny).

Anyway, city citizens from Moni Talks made a guide on Arbitrum. Check it!

Anyway, if you lose the money, don't even think about coming to my ranch. I'll cut your ass off and you won't be able to sit in crypto anymore. All right, I'm kidding. I'm gonna go finish my milk and go to sleep.

Follow my homies everywhere. Otherwise, there won't be any more digests!

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