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Hey #Moni Maker 🙃

Today is International Pancake Day. What can be better than a cup of cocoa, a couple of pancakes with raspberry jam (or honey, or whatever you like🥞) and the hottest crypto news? Especially now, when the market is sending exclusively positive vibes. So-o-o...

Let’s go!


Cryptocurrencies have great potential

Fitch Ratings says so

The U.S. rating company Fitch Ratings, a member of the "Big Three" international rating agencies, released a report. It said that in the short term, cryptocurrencies are unlikely to affect credit policy, but in the future they can help modernize the financial system.

The authors of the report mention news affecting PayPal, Square, Visa, Mastercard and Moneygram. All of these companies have included cryptocurrencies in their products. In particular, they cite PayPal's decision to add bitcoin buying and selling as "one of the first large-scale non-trading scenarios for cryptocurrency use in the United States”.

While analysts doubt the mass distribution of cryptocurrencies at this stage, they recognize their potential for faster payments, lower fees and the elimination of intermediaries in 24/7 money transfers.

So what?

There's a reason we have a lead about pancakes! We can also add flavored coffee to them and wish the folks at Fitch Ratings a good morning :) Woke Up...finally…


Morgan Stanley may start investing in BTC


Counterpoint Global, the investment arm of Morgan Stanley Bank, is considering buying bitcoin.

Analysts at the unit are now assessing whether investing in bitcoin is appropriate for the company's clients. Even if the first cryptocurrency is deemed suitable for investment, Counterpoint Global will have to get approval from regulators and bank management.

Counterpoint Global specializes in "unique companies whose market value can increase significantly”. The group manages 19 funds, five of which brought investors more than 100% in 2020.


A new record in the Ethereum network!


The number of transactions on the Ethereum network reached a record high of 1.3 million transactions per day.


Who raised $1000000 at IFO?

Meet the heroes!

Today the folks at BerryData reached a full IFO: $1000000!

Berry Data is a transparent community-verified price oracle on BSC. These guys provide a trustless alternative for off-chain data. Roughly speaking, it's like Chailink or Tellor, but for BSC. By the way, the guys have oversubscribed as many as 187 times!

We highly recommend study the project, because BSC is such a hype right now that if Snoop Dogg had understood it, he would have written his own rap about it.



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And one more thing...Buy Bitcoin! 😉


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