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Hey #Moni Maker 🛴

Today, rapper Kanye West is celebrating his birthday. Known to the whole world for his outrageous behavior, Kanye for some reason has not yet started tweeting about cryptocurrencies. He was not seen in market manipulation or promotion of any coins, except for the forgotten Coinye coin.

Apparently, the artist's bipolar disorder is not greedy for money at all. Bipolar is not Asperger's ...

Okay, long lead. Digest, it's interesting. Let’s go!


Sun Is Shining

Sing along to Bob Marley, zoomer!

Financial services firm Square Inc. will partner with blockchain technology provider Blockstream Mining to build an open-source, solar-powered bitcoin mining facility, Blockstream announced in a press release Saturday. Square confirmed the news in a tweet, saying it was “committed to driving further adoption and efficiency of renewables within the bitcoin ecosystem.”

According to the release, Square will invest $5 million in the facility, which will be a “proof-of-concept for a 100% renewable energy Bitcoin mine at scale,” and will be built at one of Blockstream’s sites in the US. “We hope to show that a renewable mining facility in the real world is not only possible but also prove empirically that Bitcoin accelerates the world toward a sustainable future,” the release states.

So what?

How pleasant it is to read such news! This is what we live for. Solar energy, mining, partnerships ...

Okay, enough. Let's go to the regular news.


The feds climb into the annals

The idea for a scam rap

U.S. law enforcement officials said Monday they were able to recover $2.3 million in bitcoin paid to a criminal cybergroup involved in the crippling ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline.

“Today we turned the tables on DarkSide,” Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said during a press briefing, adding that the money was seized via a court order.

At the briefing, FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate said agents were able to identify a virtual currency wallet that the DarkSide hackers used to collect payment from Colonial Pipeline.

“Using law enforcement authority, victim funds were seized from that wallet, preventing Dark Side actors from using them,” Abbate said.

The FBI declined to say precisely how it accessed the bitcoin wallet, citing the need to protect tradecraft.

So what?

Sergey Pavlovich will confirm: often the feds take the ass by the totality of indirect evidence. That is, direct evidence is not always needed to bring charges.

It's the same with getting information. This key, could have simply been in the scammer's iPhone notes. Well, the media have already provided information in the right way ... :) As a rule, villains are caught on such nonsense. Tomasz Skowron is a great example.


Bro plz take pills, otherwise you will get impeachment

Didn’t drink, b@tch…

Former US President Donald Trump has called cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a "scam". In an interview to Fox Business Network on Monday, Trump said, "Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam. I don’t like it because it’s another currency competing against the dollar ... I want the dollar to be the currency of the world. That’s what I’ve always said."

So what?

No politics. Looks like Mr. Trump has learned the lesson of his fellow on mental disorders and Forbes lists. If you want to be told in the media, start insulting bitcoin.

Biden did not bring so much hype to the subject. Interesting… :)


Meme of the Day 😄


And you...buy Bitcoin! 😉 (it's a good time!)


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