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Hey #Moni Maker ๐ŸŽธ

Today, the Day of Fight against Child Labor is celebrated all over the world. Ah! Alas! But many giant companies have more than once been caught in this disgusting action. Blockchain fixes it, because the transparency of our favorite technology will squeeze out all the pus of dark schemes outward, as if a beautician.

Digest is waiting for you. Reading on Sunday is especially pleasant. Letโ€™s go!



UpHodl :)

Millionaire, philanthropist and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanyan said in an interview with CNBC that Ethereum has a lot of potential.

Alexis also added that "most" of his assets are in Ethereum.

So what?

Everyone will answer now about bitcoin and ethereum. Well, we're talking about people with money and some kind of power.

Apparently, the moment will soon come when it will be dangerous NOT to store cryptocurrencies. Or itโ€™s already? ...


State Street Bank Crypto Merchant

Bankers want with us too yeah

State Street, one of the oldest US banks with assets under management of $ 3.1 trillion, announced the launch of its cryptocurrency division. It will focus on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), blockchain technology, tokenization, and cryptocurrencies.

โ€œThe financial industry is transforming to a digital economy, and we see digital assets as one of the most significant forces impacting our industry over the next five years,โ€ said Ron Oโ€™Hanley, chairman and chief executive officer of State Street Corporation.

So what?

Let's summarize in the news below. It's more interesting there.


The Texas Cryptocurrency Massacre

You can store, all gut

Texas becomes the second state in the United States, after Wyoming, to allow state-owned banks to work with crypto companies.

A document from the Texas Department of Banking says financial institutions have been providing custody services for various assets "for a long time". The notification only confirms the ability of banks to work with cryptocurrencies within the framework of the relevant legal framework.

Lately, miners and crypto startups have been actively moving to Texas in record numbers to take advantage of the state's relatively cheap energy and crypto-friendly regulatory environment.

So what?

So we woke up in a kind of mass of adoption. How the authorities will turn the cryptocurrencies out is unknown. How soon they will begin to impose their state stablecoins is also unknown.

At the moment, you can rejoice and catch profits even in an incomprehensible market. But it is always worth keeping in mind that no state will ever allow any other power than its own.

Have a good weekend! See you on Monday. :)


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And you...buy Bitcoin! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (it's a good time!)


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