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Today, in 1630, the first criminal was sentenced in America - a man was hanged for murder. Violence and bloodlust have always lived in society. Still, for some reason, it used to justify them with the novelties of its time: nowadays, for example, some people blame everything on the Internet and video games.

Join us in crypto trading! Here you can come to the chat and drain your negative emotions by making a fantastic meme. And you don't have to kill anyone. And you have to read the Digest to keep your mind calm. Let's go!


Elon Musk, are you happy?!

Greta Thunberg, are you happy?!

El Salvador’s president has said via a Twitter video that the country started its project to use geothermal energy—from volcanoes—to mine Bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining has come under scrutiny lately because of the sheer amount of energy it uses. More and more mining companies are now looking for clean energy to produce the asset.

Bukele said in June that El Salvador’s state-owned electricity company LaGeo would use "very cheap, 100% clean, 100% renewable, 0 emissions energy from our volcanos" to mine Bitcoin.

So what?

It looks great, of course. If El Salvador can boost its economy with bitcoin and this kind of mining, many countries will share this experience.

Let's go to El Salvador!


Crypto Godfather Elon Musk said

GO F@CK YOURSELF to regulators wow

Tesla chief Elon Musk on Tuesday said the U.S. government should steer clear of trying to regulate the crypto market.

“It is not possible to, I think, destroy crypto, but it is possible for governments to slow down its advancement,” Musk said at the Code Conference in Beverly Hills, California.

Musk was responding on stage to a question from New York Times columnist Kara Swisher. She asked whether the U.S. government should be involved in regulating the crypto space.

“I would say, ‘Do nothing,’” he said.

So what?



Everyone's talking about Avalanche; why?


Avalanche Avalanche. So discussed, so red. We decided to write a review on it so that you will find:

- What it is;

- How Avalanche is beneficial for the Ethereum developers;

- How it is interesting for speculators;

- How it's better than Ethereum itself.

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B!tches didn't clean their FUD!


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Press: Will Avalanche flip Solana? BSC is stagnant, so what's with Ethereum? Where to drop the stables? Digest drops!


Let’s go to Switzerland


Cryptocurrency adoption continues gaining momentum in Switzerland as local financial authorities grant more regulatory approvals for crypto investment instruments. The fund is launched by Swiss asset manager Crypto Finance and is administered by investment management firm PvB Pernet von

Ballmoos AG with custody by regulated custodian SEBA Bank AG. FINMA noted that the newly approved fund is restricted to qualified investors, investing primarily in cryptocurrencies or digital assets “based on the blockchain or distributed ledger technology.”

The regulator said that the Crypto Market Index Fund may only invest in leading cryptocurrencies with a “sufficiently large trading volume.” According to Crypto Finance, the fund will track the performance of the Crypto Market Index 10, a product administered by the SIX Swiss Exchange.


Glossary word

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Gas-limit is limit of gas that can be spent to perform a transaction. Like maximum number of gas that will be spent

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