2020 can’t stop surprising us!

10 September, 2020 | by
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Hey #Moni Maker 👍

Today, in 2008, The Large Hadron Collider at CERN, described as the biggest scientific experiment in history, was powered up in Geneva, Switzerland. A few month later the largest financial experiment — Bitcoin — was launched in California. It’s been a rough yet exciting journey. Since then Bitcoin grew enormously and has encouraged hundreds of entrepreneurs and developers to dedicate their talent to cryptocurrencies.

Let’s watch the development of the most fast-paced industry of our time together!


MasterCard creates a blockchain!

Banks?...Again in our crypto...😏
MasterCard creates a blockchain!

MasterCard has introduced a tool to help central banks develop their own digital currencies.

Mastercard's platform will let central banks issue digital versions of their currency in a controlled environment, and test how those currencies plug into existing bank and payment networks, and to see if they are practical for consumers to buy goods and services.

So what?

PornHub?! Really?! Even MC is already looking into, or rather even running towards crypto. Visa, by the way, also doesn’t stand aside and cooperates with Coinbase and others crypto players.

Deutsche Bank has predicted “The Age of Disorder”. We think they made a little mistake, and the name they were looking for is “The Age of Blockchain”!


Wake me up when September ends

Kraken’s new report :(
Wake me up when September ends

A new report from Kraken tells that historically, September is Bitcoin’s worst-performing month, with an average return of -7%. With Bitcoin underperforming its average monthly returns for most of the year, Kraken’s analysts can see returns below -7%.

But despite the bearish short-term forecast, analysts note the record number of Bitcoins hasn’t moved for more than 12 months.

"Historically, this dynamic has foreshadowed a new bull market," Kraken stated.

So what?

Personally, we are glad that BTC is taking over TV screens, newspapers, and human minds. And its price... It’s gonna be just fine. It’s September, after all.


Bitcoin VS Gold

Young investors have made the choice!
Bitcoin VS Gold

In an interview with CNN, Rucheer Sharma, Morgan Stanley's head of emerging markets and chief global strategist, said that young and entrepreneurial people tend to choose cryptocurrencies, while older investors prefer traditional assets.

Part of the young generation's attention to the cryptocurrency may be related to Sharma's prediction that inflation in the U.S. can happen in 2021. He cited a number of monetary and fiscal measures that officials have taken to combat the economic consequences of the pandemic.

“To have about 5% or so of your portfolio in gold is not a bad idea & if you're a bit more adventurous… Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies." – Sharma said.

So what?

In general, people of the older generation mostly always hold on to the old world desperately.

It's all about fear. They are afraid to lose something that makes them feel nostalgic.

We hope that inflation won’t be required, but understanding will make oldschool investors reconsider their views on crypto. Buffet did it, so what's why can’t the rest?


Is Ethereum an underdog?

Let’s take a closer look!

So what?

We’ve been repeating the fact that Ethereum is a dark horse in this cryptogame over and over again. Will the one who expected such growth, please stand up? Well, no one did.

We expect many good news from ETH, especially after the DeFi boom. It can’t let us down!


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