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Hey #Moni Maker 🔏

Today, in 1821, during the Greek War of Independence, the Battle of Valteci took place. Right now, we are also fighting a battle for the independence of our funds of the Blockchain. After all, more and more people are beginning to understand that the banking system was created in order to take away, and not vice versa.

Mass Adoption Coming Soon! In the meantime, let's read the digest. Let’s go!


The only normal prank

Hayden trolled lol azazaz lalka

Unknown owners of the Uniswap.com domain made a redirect to the Sushiswap exchange. Apparently someone bought the domain and redirected to Sushiswap, an Uniswap competitor.

Although Uniswap.com has the same name, it is not affiliated with an actual marketplace. Uniswap Lab, UNISWAP®, UNI ™ and UNISWAP LABS ™ are trademarks of the company behind Uniswap in accordance with the Uniswap Lab Trademark Guidelines.

Developer of Sushiswap, nicknamed 0xMaki, said that “the team did not purchase the Uniswap.com domain name, nor did they purchase“ any other domain names except for the .fi and .org zones ”.

A similar story happened with Pancake.com, whose name is consonant with the name of the Pancake decentralized exchange, has also redirected to the Sushiswap site since the beginning of March this year.

So what?

And uniswap.ru, by the way, is free ... Hey, Sushi, where are our $$$?!


eBay sells panties and NFTs

Now it’s ok

The company told Reuters that in the short term, NFT inventory will be provided to sellers who meet eBay standards. In addition, users will receive programs and tools that will allow them to buy and sell NFTs in various categories.

So what?

It is strange that they have come to NFT just now. Apparently, the market mastodons are waiting for some time to come to everything ready. Okay, come to our NFT house, welcome…


Coinbase is not killing women

Clickbait :)

A chilling murder plot shows that while Bitcoin can be used to finance heinous crimes, it can also be the undoing of criminals who don't understand how it works.

As Decrypt reports, The plot in question involves a Tennessee man, Nelson Replogle, who allegedly paid a hitman he found on a murder-for-hire website to kill his wife, Ann. According to FBI Special Agent Clay Anderson, Replogle sent the would-be killer Bitcoin along with a description of his wife's car and a time when she would be taking their pet to the veterinarian.

Agent Anderson got wind of the scheme, set out in this court filing, from the sheriff in Knoxville, TN, who told him about it after receiving a tip from staff members at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The FBI agent then warned Ann Replogle and, separately, her husband, who claimed he could not think of anyone who wished to harm her.

The FBI agent then pressed the BBC staff members—he does not say how the BBC learned of the plot—who then provided additional details, including the address of the Bitcoin wallet that received the murder-for-hire payment. Anderson then turned to experts at the FBI Cyber Task Force, who helped crack open the case by analyzing the Bitcoin blockchain.

"FBI Headquarters provided blockchain analysis of the transaction and was able to determine that the blockchain wallets used to pay were Coinbase wallets," states Anderson in the court filing.

The FBI then issued a subpoena to Coinbase for information about the wallets in question. The company then provided an immediate answer given the "threat to life"—an answer that included not only the transaction history of the wallets, but also Replogle's name and photos he had used to sign up for the service.

The FBI obtained not only these details from Coinbase but also the internet address that Replogle had used to connect at the time of the transfers. Using that information, the agency in turn issued a subpoena to the internet provider, AT&T, which confirmed the connection had come from Replogle's home.

The information provided by Coinbase also revealed the name of the bank Replogle had connected to his account. The bank confirmed that Replogle had used his personal savings account to fund the Bitcoin purchases to the hitman.

So what?

Well, now media will start to inflate that bitcoin is used to order murders and buy drugs.

In fact, Bitcoin is a litmus test. Stupid motherf*ckers would come to light by themselves...


Meme of the Day 😄


And you...buy Bitcoin! 😉


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