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Hey #Moni Maker ✋

The past week has made us realize that an intolerant minority can beat bureaucracy, but as it turns out, we can't do it without decentralization. All in all, the world is abuzz with news about the markets and the digitalization of anything and everything. It's cool to be a part of this rising tide!

Let’s go!


CeFi World 🌎


Top news of the week; you can’t miss them!

• Degen traders from Reddit outplayed dollar hedge funds;

DOGE also pumped;

• Ray Dalio is one of the most successful investors in the world. He has spoken out about bitcoin.

Not so loud, but interesting

• Marathon Patent Group announced the purchase of 4,813 BTC worth about $150 million;

• According to CoinMetrics, the number of addresses containing more than 1K BTC has increased by almost 8% since the beginning of the year;

• Reddit aka "the home page of the Internet" has announced a partnership with the Ethereum Foundation to develop blockchain scaling solutions;

• Coinbase announced its intention to become a public company under a proposed direct listing of Class A common stock;

• The clever guys hacked the Hackathon site, which was organized by the Hacker Community. They left a message describing their project.


Forecasts 📊


Catherine Wood, CEO of Ark Investment Management, believes U.S. regulators aren’t likely to approve a bitcoin ETF until bitcoin's market capitalization exceeds $2 trillion. Currently, BTC's capitalization is $756 billion.


Project of the Week 🖥


We know how to cause pain... "Gas" Didn't work? Okay. "Gas Price"... Wait, wait, don't cry!

Because Pancake Swap’s gas price makes Ethereum bite the dust!

And the transactions are faster, of course.

Now let's elaborate:

Pancake Swap is a DeFi-ecosystem running on the BSC blockchain. BSC is Binance Smart Chain. Behind it is our good bro CZ. His patronage is more valuable than e̶t̶h̶ money.

*Note: SNX, Frontier and Reef recently appeared in the BSC* That's quite a company.

What else?

Steaking at 150%;

There was TWT. And many others;

Participation in IFOs (sort of ICOs, TGEs, etc. and their fees and ROIs).

Very soon there will be an NFT section, and a lottery too!

Another thing worth mentioning is the design: awesome! So cute and delicate, it makes you want to go on a date with a schoolgirl again! But now we're going to get busted for that…


Meme of the week 😄

We feel it!

We wish you the greatest week ever!

And one more thing...Buy Bitcoin! 😉


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