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Today, in 1916, John Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil, became the world's first billionaire businessman. He went out and made a business out of oil. Ewww! What a bore...just imagine...it's still the 20th century! No memes, NFTs, cryptopunks and meme-coins! How did he spend all that money?!

Nowadays school kids can become millionaires in no time at all. But the price of wealth is also great. A broken psyche, compromised health, lack of sleep ... Digest is not your doctor, but Digest will save you from FOMO! Let's go!


Did you drown your Sims in the pool?

Now you drown your subconscious

Video game designer Will Wright is legendary in the space for designing such classics as “SimCity” and “The Sims” with studio Maxis. For his next game, Wright’s first in more than a decade, he’s embracing blockchain with an experience centered on NFTs.

“Proxi” is Wright’s first new video game project since 2008’s “Spore,” and it has the same kind of inventive streak as his past creations. It’s a simulation game driven by artificial intelligence, and it’s designed to take players on a journey of self-discovery aided and enhanced by true ownership of digital, in-game assets.

Developed by Wright’s new team, Gallium Studios, “Proxi” starts with players creating a personal diorama of memories using thousands of in-game items. Eventually, it generates a user avatar and lets them interact with other players. Along the way, Gallium aims to help players “gain more insights about their subconscious,” according to today’s announcement.

So what?

Psychonauts on its maxis. Gaming will be the next significant milestone in crypto history.


Back to the Roots?


We have a new digest on the NFT world! If you haven't read it yet, run out and read it right now, there's a lot of interesting stuff:

Press: Are the avatars no longer top? Snoop Dogg and TIME are pushing NFT. Where can you throw $ in? (DYOR!) Digest is an aesthete!


Bitfinex, Transaction, 2 Whales

Gas is high bitch:((

On Sept 27 a spurious transaction was noted with an extraordinarily high network fee by the DeversiFi team. A user connected with a hardware wallet paid a whopping 7,676 ETH, or around $23 million at the time, in gas according to Etherscan.

The Bitfinex-powered DEX paid the gas fee for the transaction which was for the transfer of $100,000 in Tether. DeversiFi, which recently bridged to Polygon, pledged to investigate the incident assuring users that no funds have been affected and that this was an erroneous transaction.

So what?

The miner gave the money back. Nothing interesting. Keep scrolling.


F@ck up your paycheck on the market with Coinbase!

The Bold From Coinbase

Coinbase has released an update:

– Direct deposit coming soon: customers will be able to deposit any percentage of their paycheck into their Coinbase account in crypto or USD

– Coinbase Card adds ability to spend USD; offers new rewards with DAI, AMP and RLY; and general availability starts this Fall

And yes. We just joke! You won't f@ck up anything. Because you don't live in the USA....(maybe)


We punch you in your face, damn mining and crypto!

Communist Cryptoist

The Chinese government aka FUD masters banned Coingecko and CoinMarketCup. Also, Alibaba banned all the mining stuff on their platform.

Well, gentlemen of China! You can always download Moni app to track coins without VPN... :)


Twitter is protecting your NFTs...

uh, what?

Earlier this week TechCrunch broke a story about Twitter’s updated product suite and on center stage was their upcoming NFT authentication feature.

NFTs authentication means no one can right-click save and fake an NFT.

With this year’s most recent NFT mania Twitter is just giving users what they want. Users want the ability to flex their NFTs. Though details are sparse, we know what this means for crypto adoption. Legitimization, awareness, and normalization.

– This is the beginning of a Web3 space race.

– Twitter is just the first in a long line of social media platforms that’s helping crypto cross the chasm.

– They’re leading the way with NFT support and BTC tipping

You know what happens next.

Competition among social media platforms for the best Web 3 features will ramp up. YouTube? TikTok? Facebook? Instagram? The metaverse will consume them all.


Glossary word

Learn, learn, learn!

Gas is the unit used to measure the price of a transaction is the commission to miners. For example, in ether it is called gwei. 1 Gwei = 0.000000001 ETH. And vice versa 1 ETH = 1 billion gwei!

And more you can find in our Glossary!


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