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Hey #Moni Maker 🦉

Today, in 1850, France restricted freedom of the press. People never seem to be able to work out what can be published and what is better not to. Censorship stifles some and can save some from lynching. But is censorship the right solution? Mostly it is not. So difficult...

We are lucky. We write about crypto, and we do not offend anyone (well, not really). So let's go straight to Digest. Let's go!


Get off me, you b1tch!!!

Rune has been attacked!

Representatives from Thorchain have confirmed the attack. They ask everyone to suspend the nodes until the situation is resolved.


Visa + MasterCard + Binance = brothers

we don't give a shit

So what?

Pfft, as long as Binance is popular, Visa and MasterCard won't even think about shutting it down. Just so you know, Visa and MC make money even from fraudulent transactions. On fees! And here we have Binance - a completely honest business with such an audience, what’s wrong?

The guys will only leave it if Binance starts posting illegal porn…Maybe.


But CZ will not eat Italian pizza

But he'll eat a lot of FUD

Italy’s financial regulator, Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (Consob), published a warning on cryptocurrency exchange Binance Thursday. The regulator wrote:

Consob warns savers that the companies of the ‘Binance Group’ are not authorized to provide investment services and activities in Italy.

Consob clarified that activities through binance.com are also unauthorized, noting that the website’s “sections called ‘derivatives’ and ‘Stock Token,’ relating to instruments related to crypto-assets, were previously also written in Italian.”

The regulator proceeded to caution the public when investing in cryptocurrency or crypto-related investments, “for this may imply the total loss of the sums of money invested.”

The Italian financial watchdog concluded: “It is important that savers are informed that transactions in instruments related to crypto-assets may present risks that are not immediately perceptible, due to their complexity, the high volatility of the prices of these instruments as well as for malfunctions and cyberattacks to which the IT infrastructures used for such operations may be subjected.”

So what?

So sweeet :* You take care of us, thank youuuu :*

CZ, hire us on part-time job to write answers for such government FUD. Will you?


SBF is Lady Gaga


According to the FTX CEO, large financial institutions could be a target of increased interest for young cryptocurrency companies.

Sam Bankman-Fried told the Financial Times that the company, which he founded in 2019, could well consider buying established financial institutions such as US banking giant Goldman Sachs or the CME Group exchange. But that will only come onto the agenda after FTX has beaten Coinbase and Binance.

So what?

There's a shitstorm on Twitter after that announcement. SBF certainly makes shocking statements. Healthy ambition, or show off?


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Haha Money Printer Go Brrrrr — is a meme. It shows a certain machine that prints money without rest and leads to inflation.

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