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5 October, 2020 | by
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Hey #Moni Maker ๐Ÿ‘Œ

This week was โ€ฆ eventful: U.S. elections are right around the corner while Trumpโ€™s tested positive for COVID, BitMex got cornered by the SEC, and although the market reacted to negative news, the general mood remains bullish. Ok, enough of ranting - you will see everything for yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

Letโ€™s go!


COVID, hello!

Number 19
COVID, hello!

Probably another reason why Bitcoin and the rest of crypto have trembled was a positive COVID-19 test by Donald Trump and his wife.

He traditionally stated this in his Twitter account. Trump goes into quarantine and says, "we will all survive together."

So what?

Are you guys doing elections there or making a new series of "Black Mirror"?

Let "CNN" and "CNBC" judge Trump's personality. We wish him and his family to recover.


U.S. presidential debates

Who won?

On Tuesday night, the first debate between U.S. presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joseph Biden took place in Cleveland. According to journalists, it was the dirtiest debate in U.S. history. Donald and Joe skipped the traditional handshake, insulted, interrupted, and shut each other up.

Polls show that Biden, who retained a decent advantage over Trump a month before the election, came out as a winner. Who wins the election on November 3 depends on how the stock market behaves, and as a result, and we will surely see this affect the crypto market as well.

The U.S. stock market closed at negative values, which can be regarded as investors' belief in Biden's victory in the first round of debates.

So what?

We are not going to review this event in detail. We are not CNBC.

Let's identify the winner: during the previous debate in 2016, the BTC was worth $617, and during this debate, it was worth $10700. Hm, 17X!

So, who won? :)



Here comes trouble

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has filed a lawsuit against BitMEX Cryptocurrency Exchange and its owners, including the co-founder and CEO Arthur Hayes.

The owners of the platform are charged with servicing an unregistered trading platform and violating the CFTC's anti-money laundering and customer identification rules. The Technical Director of BitMEX has already been arrested.

โ€œThe complaint charges BitMEX with operating a facility for the trading or processing of swaps without having CFTC approval as a designated contract market or swap execution facility, and operating as a futures commission merchant by soliciting orders for and accepting bitcoin to margin digital asset derivatives transactions, and by acting as a counterparty to leveraged retail commodity transactions. The complaint further charges BitMEX with violating CFTC rules by failing to implement know-your-customer procedures, a customer information program, and anti-money laundering procedures.โ€ ยฉ

So what?

Sherlock, could you give us a hand with sorting this out.

Opinions on this situation vary: some believe that the U.S. protects its monopoly on crypto control, others believe that Bitmex really gets what it deserves.

Let's wait until at least the first court hearing is over. We will deal with it then.


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