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Today, in 1810, the first Oktoberfest was held. Ah, it's a shame that there's only one f@cking coronavirus walking around now while people sit at home or attend such events in the outfit of a 2020 man. Anyway, crypto has shown that people can exist well inside chats, metaverse, and channels. You don't always have to go somewhere to have fun, and that's cool!

Digest doesn't go anywhere; he is working. Let's go!


Next stop: Uzbekistan

Next stop: Turkey

China’s Blockchain Services Network is set to launch portals for its international versions in Turkey and Uzbekistan, according to a press release.

Red Date Technology, the BSN’s architect firm, signed an exclusive agreement with consultancy Turkish Chinese Business Matching Center (TUCEM), according to the press release shared with CoinDesk by Red Date.

The BSN is a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that is accessible through cloud nodes in China and abroad. It aims to make the development of decentralized applications cheap and accessible, and in the process also become the de facto infrastructure for a new “internet of blockchains.”

Supported by Chinese government entities, the network has split into a Chinese and an international version to ensure compliance with China’s strict internet regulations.

The portals will be operational by the end of the year, according to the press release, and will bring the total of international portals to five. Back in September, Red Date announced it is launching a portal in South Korea.


Сhina, cryptocurrency, mcdonald's. Oh no!


Relax, everything is fine. These three words in a row don't mean you have to go to McDonald's because of China's dump.

Fast-food giant McDonald's China released a set of 188 NFT on Oct. 8 to celebrate its 31st anniversary in the Chinese market. Branded as "Big Mac Rubik's Cube," the NFTs will be distributed among employees and consumers as a part of the giveaway.

The Big Mac Rubik's Cube NFTs are designed based on the three-dimensional structure of McDonald's China’s new office headquarters, which was inaugurated along with the launch of the NFTs. The NFTs are built on the Confluux public blockchain and are created in partnership with Cocafe, a digital asset creation agency, ensuring that “each work is unique, indivisible and can not be tampered with.”


Bitfury goes public, ok

1b is good

Bitcoin mining company Bitfury is preparing to go public with what would be Europe’s biggest cryptocurrency valuation, according to The Telegraph.

Bitfury is seeking advice from Deloitte over a potential public listing in the next 12 months and could have a “price tag in the billions of pounds,” according to the report Monday.

The Amsterdam-based company is valued at about $1 billion, The Telegraph said, and its investors include Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital.

Go public bro


Western (Union) should be forgotten

Texas loves BTC

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said last Friday that Texas’ abundant energy resources represent a great opportunity for Bitcoin.

“Fifty percent of the natural gas in this country that is flared, is being flared in the Permian right now in West Texas. I think that is an enormous opportunity for Bitcoin, because that’s energy that is just being wasted,” Cruz told Jimmy Song at the Texas Blockchain Summit last week.

The Permian Basin is an oil and gas-rich region in the southwestern part of the United States. Portions of the Basin are in both the state of Texas and New Mexico.

“A lot of the discussion around Bitcoin views Bitcoin as a consumer of energy,” said Cruz. “The perspective I’m suggesting is very much the reverse, which is as a way to strengthen our energy infrastructure.”

So what?

What a great pun we can see in the title!


ETF can STOP bullrun?


Dan Morehead, the CEO of Pantera Capital, is confident that the crypto market has entered a new bull cycle. He has, however, also warned that a potential launch of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) could put a damper on the latest run-up.

In an October note to investors, Morehead said that “after a period of temporary insanity,” which included fears that China’s ban on Bitcoin mining would ruin the industry and heated debates on the environmental impact of Proof-of-Work cryptocurrencies, “now we’re in a new bull market.”

While it is widely believed that the launch of a Bitcoin ETF in the U.S. will further boost the asset’s price, the CEO of Pantera has warned that things could be quite the opposite.

“On Wall Street, there’s a saying ‘Buy the rumor, sell the fact.’ [This is] definitely working in our space,” Morehead wrote.


Be careful working with Binance!!!

no please no no

If you use VPN and work with Binance, better not connect to US and North Korea servers. Use Europe and so on, otherwise there can be failures in work all sorts of unpleasant.

For example, you may be forced to pass the KYC and prove that you are not American. A hassle.

Anyway, what VPN do you use? Or you don't?


You should have bought chess before

so sad….

For the first time in chess history, grandmaster Magnus Carlsen has been awarded a nonfungible token (NFT) trophy for winning an international chess tournament, Meltwater Champions Chess Tour (MCCT). The tournament minted a number of NFT trophies and collectibles to indefinitely preserve the game’s most defining moments.

Chess Champs minted two identical editions of the Champion’s Trophy NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, which were digitally signed by Carlsen after winning the tournament. The second NFT trophy was auctioned off at 6.88 Ether (ETH), approximately $24,700 at the time of purchase. Carlsen said:

“It feels great to share the trophy with a passionate fan. It will be interesting to play a match with him and meeting him during the next season’s Champions Chess Tour Final.”


Burn burn burn, motherf****, burn!

bloodhound gang

We have already burned 500,000 ETHs! You can see the exact number right here.

Anyway, we suppose it's a great reason to enter our chat and start some conversation, hah? At least, you could right some positive vibes for us, bro! We need your support and love.

Thank you!


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