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  • coin BTC
    Bitcoin $ 10 939.27 1.09% $ 118.65
  • coin ETH
    Ethereum $ 384.46 3.89% $ 7.08
  • coin UNI
    Uniswap $ 5.42 86.84% $ 2.60
  • Market Cap
    1.40% $ 357 161 971 019
  • B Dominance
    56.60% $ 202 004 472 806
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Hey #Moni Maker 😜

Today, in 1947, the CIA was established. That very CIA, which according to some conspiracy theories created Bitcoin. We are not going to get into such a maze, and while many people are arguing about the true origin of cryptocurrencies, we would rather watch the market and keep you informed on the hottest events.

Let’s go!


Did you get $1500?

UNI token!
UNI token!

“Helicopter money”? C’moon, guys! Money flew in right from the unicorn :D 60% of UNI tokens will be assigned to the community. To receive the funds one must fulfill a simple condition: if the user at least once used the exchange or provided liquidity on Uniswap, this user gets 400 tokens (approximately $1500).

UNI Token is already traded on Binance above $3, and is also listed on other major exchanges like Coinbase Pro.

So what?

It looks so simple... but such a genius step!

The mythical unicorn on the Uniswap logo is really justified: such schemes seem fantastic to an ordinary person: greed and common sense could be major obstacles. But these guys managed to support the community.

Watching DeFi is really exciting!


Bitcoin is loved by investors

And it’s mutual 💜
Bitcoin is loved by investors

Well, well, well. A new report from Chainalysis... Finally!

Analysts show an increase in the number of Bitcoin addresses between one and three months old, which send BTC very rarely. Now there are 2,254,670 such addresses. Six months ago there were 1,162,632, do you feel the difference?

"It looks like new people are entering the market, buying bitcoin and putting it in wallets for long-term investment," Chainalysis' economist Philip Gradwell told

So what?

If the Bitcoin address is older than a couple of months, it is definitely used for investment. Whether long- or short-term.

We say that Bitcoin is no longer a one-day investment a couple of times a week. We are ready to repeat this every day.


What if it’s a new UNI?

Don’t miss it!

Guys, don’t miss this drop! Only now on TRON.

TronLink – is an analogue of Metamask in the TRON network. And it drops 300 tokens called POINTS.

What you need to do ?

1) Download TronLink (iOS, Android).

2) Create an account

3) Save a seed phrase

4) Press the "ME" button at the bottom right.

5) Click on "invite a friend" -> then on "claim rewards".

6) Enter code - Qu2x

Get the drop! :)

If you already have an account, simply insert the Qu2x code and get your reward!


  • In 7 years the number of Bitcoin ATMs increased from 0 to 10 000;

  • Uniswap (UNI) will be listed on Coinbase Pro.

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