🤑 Uniswap makes profits

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Hey #Moni Maker 🙃

Today, in 2001, the first Mac OS X was released. These days the software is moving by leaps and bounds - just compare Mac OS Cheetah with today's Big Sur. So if you're still one of those who thinks that cryptocurrencies aren't as user-friendly as you'd like them to be, just think about the fact that we're now at the level of Internet development in the late 90-s. There's a long way to go, but let's see the recent news first..

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Uniswap MoneyMaker?!

Adams eat money for breakfast

Paradigm's investment in Uniswap grew from $5 million to $3 billion. They invested in then-unknown DEX back in 2019.

So what?

Once upon a time, Tesla was just a startup, and Uniswap was just an idea...

By the way, we've started a #DegenStuff column here and here. We write about airdrops, presales and new interesting projects.

Who knows, maybe the next Paradigm is you?


Bulls from Glassnode!


Glassnode analysts suggested that the crypto market didn’t reach the peak. During the previous bull market peak in 2018, about 50% of BTC moved within six months.

And in the last six months, only about 36% of BTC has moved. This may suggest that investors are waiting for BTC at a higher price to sell.

So what?

Um, and we have a perfectly adequate question: Glassnode, who the f*ck isn't waiting???

Long Story Short

  • Elrond announced a partnership with Tidal Finance.


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