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Hey #Moni Maker 🔏

Today, in 1910, Sergei Utochkin made the first demonstration flight in an airplane in Moscow. A hundred years ago, probably, such actions seemed to humanity to be something unrealistically cool. Well, nowadays, people are watching Elon Musk and his SpaceX.

Ah, well, also cool traders and big crypto profits, of course. They fascinate no less, and someone, apparently, even more than some kind of flights there on some kind of airplanes.

Let’s go!


First Blood!

MMA we deserved

Crypto developer and crypto enthusiast André Cronje will fight the CEO of Larp Capital, aka Crypto Messiah, on October 15 this year.

Briefly: Messiah accused Cronje of the fact that Andre rugged a lot of people. As a result, the guys decided to fight in the ring.

Cronje also noted that he did not care what rules the fight would take: MMA or boxing. The guys chose boxing.

Well, apparently, the fighting trend is now embracing crypto. We’ll wait and place bets :)


NYSE divested of Coinbase

Cry Me A (Crypto) River...

The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) operator of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Institutional Crypto Trading Platform (BAKKT) sold their 1.4% stake in Coinbase for $1.2 billion with a profit of $900 million.

So what?

Were they forced to sell it, or did Armstrong have a big fight with someone? Or what? Where is the yellow press? Where are the rumors? Why hasn't Brian challenged the head of the NYSE to a fight yet? .. Ugh, boring things!


But Coinbase will buy skew


Coinbase has announced the acquisition of the skew analytics platform.

The service will be integrated into Coinbase Prime so that exchange clients can track the spot, crypto derivatives markets in real time.

Skew was founded in 2018 by CEO Emmanel Goch with the goal of making cryptocurrency markets more transparent and available for institutional funding.


Fidelity Digital Assets wants analytics

Sherlock's name...yes, again

A division of one of the largest investment companies Fidelity Investments, which manages more than $8 trillion, has created a digital asset analysis tool - SherlockSM.

Using it, users will be able to see and analyze on-chain data, market data, and social media and developers’ space.

They can be used to build models and make investment decisions.


Meme of the Day 😄


And you...buy Bitcoin! 😉


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