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Today, in 1919, they abolished press censorship in Ireland. That's a great move! It's also the last day of summer, and it's kind of sad. It's like we're not school kids, but crypto cats who work 24/7 without vacations, but... you always expect something unimaginable from summer, and you're sad that you didn't get it.

Come on, cheer up! Make a million profit, and even winter seems like summer. And Digest might help a little with that. Let's go!


Don't you know anything about art?!

Hmmmm u r not NFT?!

"Traditional art is getting closer and closer to technology. Museums, the world's galleries and major auction houses have joined the NFT movement. And today we are pleased to announce the launch of NFT sales created by the State Hermitage Museum." © Ugh, so much pathos!

The Hermitage will be selling digital Leonardo, Van Gogh and Monet from its collection

Location: Binance NFT. The auction begins on August 31 at 12:00 UTC and ends on September 7 at 12:00 UTC.

"Madonna Litta" by Leonardo Da Vinci, "Judith" by Giorgione, "Lilac Bush" by Vincent Van Gogh, "Composition VI" by Vasilliy Kandinsky and "Garden Corner at the Montgeron" by Claude Monet. All of these works will be auctioned as tokens.

The starting price of each token is 10,000 BUSD. What would you buy for yourself? :)


Are you a builder? No?!

Then f@ck you!

After all, the Fantom Foundation is bringing back a bullrun. $ 370 M for protocol builders.


Are we worse?!


And another 100 million is coming from Celo.

Working in collaboration with Ethereum-native protocols such as Aave, Curve, Sushi, PoolTogether, 0x and UMA – as well as Ethereum infrastructure providers such as Chainlink, RabbitHole and The Graph – the program “will offer more than $100 million in educational initiatives, grants, and incentives,” according to the announcement.

Are you bullish?!


Fallout in NFT? | Edition №6


Why you still didn't check our NFT digest? :(

What's there: Who are Mutants? NFT drops wen? Let's play arcade? Digest yoo!


More funds in the NFT!

Funds, London, Bonds

Institutional NFT Interests Heats Up as Three Arrows Capital is launching a new NFT-dedicated fund: Starry Night Capital.

In a tweet today, pseudonymous NFT collector Vincent Van Dough announced the fund, saying that in addition to investing in art and collectables the fund would launch an “NFT education portal,” promote emerging artists and launch a physical NFT gallery space in a “major city” before the end of the year.

Three Arrows Capital early bought some Cryptopunks, Ringers, and others.


Cream Finance hacked for $26 million

Hack hack, f*ck f*ck

Some hackers attacked the DeFi lending protocol Cream Finance with an instant lending attack that resulted in a $26 million loss.

Etherscan shows 17 transactions made by two hackers that transferred wrapped Ether, AMP and Cream Ether.

This is the second attack on Cream Finance. In February, a user exploited a vulnerability in the Iron Bank protocol (the second version of the Cream Finance project) and stole $37.5 million in tokens.


Glossary word

Learn, learn, learn!

Wallet address. It is a set of numbers and letters that represents your wallet or someone else's wallet. As Bank Of America has 16 card digits, there is also a set of letters and numbers.

And more you can find in our Glossary!


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