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Hey Moni Maker

Today DC Comics fans are celebrating Joker's day. The antagonist made his debut in 1940, and one might ask the logical question - why doesn't Batman ever kill the villain? But the answer is all too obvious. Without the Joker, there would be no Batman himself, for his fight would lose its identity.

So it is with us in the crypto market - without a dump, there is no dump. Do you know what we mean? Digest awaits!


Meow-meow, maz@faka!

Cats in Time?

TIME magazine has partnered with the NFT Cool Cats project. Together they will be releasing a limited edition collectible NFT cats!

These NFTs will be available as part of a meme competition, with some being given away to winners and the rest to current Cool Cats NFT owners.

- go to the thread

-paste your meme with a #CoolCatsTIME tag;

- you can also leave your id if you are a cool cat HODLer.

There will be 8 memes in total. The deadline is August 20.


Argentina will accept Bitcoin?

El Argentina

Well, or at least just not denying it. The president of Argentina said that there is no reason not to embrace bitcoin.

He added that bitcoin would help fight inflation, but the topic should be approached with caution because one cannot predict the exact consequences of such a decision.



ADA needs Cardano

Cardano will soon be making smart contracts. What can we add here?!


Intel: Do something great! Already!

Bold head is happy!

Intel reported to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it acquired 3,014 shares of the crypto exchange Coinbase, which went public in April.

The stock is currently valued at around $ 787,000 based on Coinbase's current (COIN) share price of $ 261.25 per share. Intel's disclosure notes that the shares were purchased before the end of June.

Bill Gates, what are you doing there ?! Stop to chip people; it's time to start investing.


Who did we order sushi for?


Two weeks ago we relaunched an old column with our portfolio. So, we continue to outplay the market!

Ethereum almost made x1.5, and yesterday we bought $100 worth of Sushi.

What should we buy next? Why?


Crypto is interesting to everyone!

Who else?

Walmart is looking for a crypto product lead :)

"You will be responsible for developing the Digital Currency strategy and product roadmap," the ad said. "As an expert in Digital Currencies/ Cryptocurrency and Blockchain related technologies, you will drive the vision for the product and capabilities roadmap."


I love the dogs! Dog lover!


F@ck Elon Musk! Dogecoin's ambassador is now soul legend Dionne Warwick, with Walk on By leading the Dogepalooza festival, which will celebrate everything DOGE has to offer.

Dogepalooza, which will take place in β€œseveral cities and countries around the world,” kicks off October 9 in Sugar Land, Texas, according to its website.

Hmm ... We wonder if COVID-19 will affect it? Maybe a couple of investors will change their minds ... well, you got it ... :)


Glossary word

Learn, learn, learn!

Circulating supply is the number of coins that have been mined or released into circulation. Circulating Supply is usually equal to Total Supply.

And more you can find in our Glossary!


Meme of the Day


And you...buy Bitcoin! (it's a good time!)


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