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29 January | by
  • coin BTC
    Bitcoin $ 34 119 5% $ 1 487
  • coin ETH
    Ethereum $ 1 326 -1% $ -11
  • Market Cap
    3.90% $ 1 015 046 365 811
  • DeFi Market Cap
    -6.60% $ 46 656 588 451

Hey #Moni Maker 👌

Today, in 2000, waitress Cynthia J. won $35 million on a “One-armed bandit” machine at a Las Vegas casino. This is the world's largest slot machine win. Today, zoomers are multiplying their wealth on the Robinhood "machine," and institutional investors are making tens and even hundreds of millions USD with bitcoins. Times change, but the urge to get rich remains. Anyway, there's no time to procrastinate.

Let’s go!


Coinbase plans an IPO

Armstrong will take over the planet!

Coinbase today announced its intention to become a public company under a proposed direct listing of Class A common stock.

Such listing will be pursuant to a Form S-1 registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

So what?

Wow, Armstrong must be gunning for Zuckenberg's seat, or at least a doghouse near Mark's palace. Just kidding :)

Does Coinbase want to list EVERYTHING on this planet? MoniTalks for example?


The number of bitcoin whales has increased by 8% since the beginning of the year!


According to CoinMetrics, the number of addresses containing more than 1K BTC has increased by almost 8% since the beginning of the year.

So what?

A MONTH. And it's already almost 10%!

Conclusions are up to you. If you can't figure it out yourself, there's a tip at the end of the digest.


Reddit and Ethereum Foundation announced a partnership


Reddit aka "the home page of the Internet" has announced a partnership with the Ethereum Foundation to develop blockchain scaling solutions.

Reddit has over 50 million daily visitors. The partnership is to "bring Ethereum to the scale of Reddit's operations."

"Our blockchain efforts will be led by Reddit's Crypto team (hi!). We are currently hiring great backend engineers who want to build the decentralized Internet. If you’re interested in solving tough problems like scaling and bringing blockchain to millions of users, send me a PM or apply directly on Reddit’s careers page -- we’d love to talk to you!" the announcement reads.

As a reminder, last year Reddit launched a loyalty program with its own ERC-20 tokens based on Ethereum.

So what?

A decentralized internet?! Hmmm!

Apparently Grandpa-TOR is about to see his grandchildren; kudos!

Reddit is going in the right direction: unlike the scandalous Facebook, it's trying to develop Internet, not enslave it. RESPECT +100


Reddit pumps!


User r/wallstreetbets (the subreddit which pumps GME) mentioned Dogecoin. The DOGE token was up 90% within hours. Within 12 hours of the tweet, the token was up more than 250%.

DOGE is now almost 84% higher than it was a day ago.

Long Story Short

  • EasyFi (EASY) announced a partnership with Blockpass;

  • Elrond (EGLD) reached a capitalization of $1 billion;

  • Binance launches trading in perpetual futures contracts on LUNA/USDT


Meme of the day 😄

We feel it!

And one more thing...Buy Bitcoin! 😉


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