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Hey #Moni Maker 📍

Today is World Brain Day. It's strange why today since Elon Musk spoke at a conference yesterday... :) In fact, it's the moment to thank that three-kilogram thingy in your head. For the bright thoughts and for the opportunity to read Moni Talks.

You wouldn't understand Digest without a brain. Well, at least ours one. Let's go!


This is my party


The B Word conference was held yesterday. So we could see the beautiful faces of Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and co.

Mr. Musk's Highlights:

He holds bitcoin, ETH and Doge; SpaceX and Tesla hold too,

Tesla will go back to BTC one day;

He can pump bitcoin, but he won't dump it.

So what?

Water. Watttteeeeer. But ok.

It was obvious that Mr. Musk was choosing his words very carefully. But stop tweeting shit and thank you for your speech. Ok.


📺 From underground to screen

Buterin is a real superstar!

Ashton Kutcher asks Mila Kunis to explain what crypto and blockchain are. Suddenly, Vitalik Buterin bursts into the frame and speaks about Ethereum.

No, this is not fanfic :)) This is real life.


We want more bitcoins!


JPMorgan Asset CEO Mary Callahan Erdowes told Bloomberg in an interview that their clients have begun to consider bitcoin more often as an investment asset.

Mary emphasized that the bank will continue to provide cryptocurrencies to meet growing client demand.

So what?



And we don't want any of your bitcoins at all!

A protest against progress?

Despite a three-month ban on protests to ostensibly prevent the spread of COVID, a group of Salvadorans composed of leftist unions, student associations, and others gathered at the Legislative Assembly yesterday to protest the country's adoption of Bitcoin as its national currency.

The group, organized by the "Block of Resistance and Popular Rebellion," used banners and slogans to demand that the so-called Bitcoin Law, which makes BTC legal tender and obligates businesses to accept it, be revoked.

But the protestors, like an estimated 77% of Salvadorans, think it's a bad idea.

"It is a law that generates legal insecurity and that could be used to defraud users and also facilitate money and asset laundering," said activist Idalia Zuñiga.

Another protestor expressed her concerns about Bitcoin's price volatility. “For those earning a minimum wage, in one moment you may have $300 in Bitcoin and the next day those $300 can turn into $50," she said, before pointing to BTC's price plunge from a high of $63,595 in April to half that today.

So what?

It is an interesting challenge for the authorities in El Salvador. After all, the guys can smear the protesters' charges like... well, you get the idea.

- Don't like volatility? Buy stablecoins. Here's a guide;

- Money laundering? *Get a bunch of articles and documents on why fiat is doing so much better.*


📕 Glossary word

Learn, learn, learn!

NGMI — is an acronym for “not gonna make it”. It is usually used to describe a situation when a person does not want to buy Bitcoin or another token, because he is afraid of losses. And that’s why he won’t make money in the future.

And more you can find in our Glossary!


Meme of the Day 😄


And you...buy Bitcoin! 😉 (it's a good time!)


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