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Hey #Moni Maker 🏃‍♂️

Today, in 1973, the Soviet unmanned interplanetary station Mars 4 was launched. And yesterday the Amazon Bezos was launched. Space tourism is becoming affordable; soon it will be easier to fly into space than to ride an electric scooter.

So let's wait for the bull run and grab some profits to try out this new kind of leisure activity first. ToTheMoon, as the classics say! Let's go!


Come on, asshole, answer for what you're saying

Are you going to be asked like a sucker?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood will be featured speakers at the Bitcoin event “The B Word,” which will feature a live discussion between the three focused on how Bitcoin is perceived by the mainstream.

The ₿ Word event organizer announced Monday that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk will be a featured speaker, along with Square and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Ark Investment

– Management (Ark Invest) CEO Cathie Wood.

The event is scheduled to start at 12 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, July 21. It's 4:00 PM UTC. It will feature a live discussion with Musk, Dorsey, and Wood.

– Musk and Dorsey initially agreed to have a discussion about Bitcoin at The ₿ Word event in June. Dorsey tweeted to Musk at the time: “Let’s you and I have a conversation at the event. You can share all your curiosities.”

So what?

We don't know where the broadcast will be. But as soon as we find out, we'll be sure to tell you. And yes, who's be the winner there? Give us your options!


Stable Master Coin

Already too expected

Mastercard has named the first stablecoin and a handful of partner companies that will help cryptocurrency holders spend their digital assets at merchants that accept the payment giant’s cards.

In the pilot announced Tuesday, Circle’s USDC (-0.02%) will serve as a bridge between the cryptocurrency in consumers’ digital wallets and the fiat currency paid to merchants. USDC is a digital token that almost always trades at $1 because the issuer promises to redeem it 1-for-1 with greenbacks at any time.

While it might sound like adding an extra step, swapping a cryptocurrency for a stablecoin and then exchanging the stablecoin for dollars can be quicker or simpler than going directly from crypto to fiat. For example, some cryptos cannot be easily traded on an exchange for dollars but can be for USDC. Adding this way station will assist cryptocurrency firms that want to offer Mastercard-branded products to their customers, the company said.

So what?

For some reason, many people see Visa and Mastercard as tough adepts of fiat. In fact, they don't give a shit about the shell of money, the main thing is to make money.

We are not dealing with fanatics. And are there fanatics at fiat?


💰 So much, FTX?!


FTX closes $900 million funding round. Wow… what do you think, will they to the moon everyone?:)


💸 Invested again? Where?


Continuing the investment theme - OpenSea has raised $100 million, with venture capital fund Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) being the main investor in round B

This round means that OpenSea's valuation is now $1.5 billion.


🤑When will it end?! Investments again!


Coin98's mission it to make a user-friendly ecosystem of DeFi-protocols and applications on different blockchains. They've already made a cool multi chain wallet, Coin98 Exchange and Space gate.

So what?

All three news articles are a great answer to those who say crypto is dead. Well, that's what they say after every bull run.

Guys, is it just getting started? Ha! It hasn't even started yet. Shh!


📕 Glossary word

Learn, learn, learn!

Fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) — is the spread of deliberately false, or simply negative news and facts, in order to tarnish the reputation of the project.

And more you can find in our Glossary!


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And you...buy Bitcoin! 😉 (it's a good time!)


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