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Hey Moni Maker

Hey everyone! The 2nd NFT digest by Moni Talks is here! We are never stopping our exploration of the NFT industry! Let’s go!


How is the market feeling?

Diving deep into the NFT world

Ready. Steady. Go!

Axie Infinity project’s weekly volume $135 million? What?! Even PS games don’t earn so much a week! Blockchain games are literally the future of the NFT industry, will talk about it a little bit later...

Yeah, as you can see, It feels very very hot right now. Even hotter than the previous week! Let’s look at the stats.

Weekly Volumes (Marketplaces):

OpenSea: $70.19m

Rarible: $3.58m

NBA Top Shot: $3.54m

Weekly Volumes (Projects):

Axie Infinity: $135.64m

Bored Ape Yacht Club: $8.82m

CryptoPunks: $8m

Art Blocks: $7.42M

SupDucks: $5.07m

Number of sales: 44,332

Active market wallets: 21,394

Top Sales for the past 7 days:

CryptoPunk #5690: 195 ETH ($354,410)

The Sandbox Wave 5: 500k SAND ($279,530)

CryptoPunk #5690: 195 ETH ($354,410)

Autoglyph #361: 120 ETH ($233,850)

Autoglyph #378: 103.3 ETH ($220,910)

By the way, the biggest artwork sale (for the past 1,5 weeks) award goes to an amazing NFT artist “XCOPY”. His piece was sold for 125 ETH!

This shows us that there is a demand for artists’ creations. And it is very healthy for the community we live in. Creativity is the key, artists are important.

All in all, there were less very high sales this week, but more and more volume stats of the collections - NFT market feels very good to enter for new projects and for old ones to evolve.


Bored Ape Yacht Club back in the game!

Even deeper!

2 main projects on OpenSea right now are Bored Ape Kennel Club and, of course, Bored Ape Yacht Club. After easily calculating the overall volume of these collections, I’m (personally) starting to have goosebumps. 52,500 ETH! 110+ million dollars! Absolutely astonishing results of the team that is building #1 Avatar project of all time.

Floor price of BAYC: 6.8 ETH

Floor price of BAKC: 2.1 ETH

And you have to keep in mind that dogs were airdropped by the team to the apes’ holders. Insane profits for those who entered the project in the early stage!


Games, games, games…

I always loved games

One of the most influential figures in crypto Josh Rager recently said: “It's cool to see some big usage in gaming for DAPPs, including Axie Infinity and a big underdog Defi Pets, that has had over 144k users the past 30 days for the app”

15 Dapps Top:

He is totally right. But it is not only about users… It’s about monetisation. Blockchain games have been really breaking the news for the past few days because of the amount of money they gain and investment they have. Even a digital horse racing game “ZedRun” recently received an investment of $20m!


More avatar projects? Really?

It's my avatar!

Okay, we thought that was enough for avatars… But people cannot stop seeking a better representation of themselves in the crypto space. That is why most of the NFT enthusiasts' wallets are full of pictures with elephants, pinguins, ducks, cats etc.

Will this hype end? Yes, sooner or later the community will be fed up with these collections, but there will still be those who can make a further development and those who will deserve to stay on the market for a long time.

One of these projects is Fame Lady Squad that made a fully female avatar collection (which is extremely unique right now taking into consideration that most of the projects have male characters). We made a small overview about them. Check it out:


OpenSea and the future of digital world

100 m?!

The biggest news of the week: OpenSea raised $100m of investments in Series B. Besides putting money in games, rich guys realised that the marketplace deserves this amount of money (and it surely does).

What does it mean? It will expand: more blockchains, more features. The team is also planning to create an OpenSea app. The future is coming!


NFT of the week

tasty nyamy

GHXSTS x Cool Cats

The auction is live on OS. Top bid is 33.3 ETH!


Artists of the week

Talents! Wow! Taletns!


Influencers of the week

Power. Money


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