🖼 WTF is NFT: ETH won't be failed! Edition №10

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Hey Moni Maker

Respect to you, Moni Maker. October is going to be crazy for NFT! And this is the NFT Anniversary Digest - the jpeg is coursing through your veins!

Did you miss the pics? Sure have time to miss them in a week! But, you know, sometimes I want to see your feedback to understand which way to swim in this NFT-ocean. Right now, why don't you drop us a line and tell us how you like our NFT Digests? Here we go!


Market in a Week

Look for the essence

Everything has changed. And it hasn't changed. Both are true. How so?!

Tribute masters on Ethereum is not a new thing - legends, leaders, not endangered mastodons! Yes, it will be like that forever! And don't argue with me, please. All right, no offence. Let's move on.

Look at what's happening around here - drops on Solana, Tezos, Avalanche, Flow, Polygon, BSC, WAX, Waves, Tron, Near, blah blah. Would it surprise you, my young OG, if I told you that the marketplace https://www.hicetnunc.xyz/ for Tezos already has $3.3M in volume for the week? In the next issue of Digest, we'll delve deeper into each chain's ecosystem and make a list of tools for them. So don't f@cking miss it! And now, let's take a look at the ETH market.


Twitter will add support for NFT


Jack Dorsey is a longtime bitcoin-maximalist, but he hasn't orgasmed toward ETH, and that seems to be in the past! Listen up.

Where better to flaunt your avatars than on Twitter? Experiments are in full swing, and hopefully, soon, it will be possible to connect Metamask, sync NFT and use them as PFPs. True authenticity! Now check it out.

All in all, the Twitter team is great. Just to remind you, they recently added a feature that allows you to send donations in bitcoins.


TikTok to release NFT collection

"Culturally Significant."

A month ago, TikTok announced a partnership with music platform Audius. And today, they are releasing their NFT collection. They know where the tailwind is ;)

What do we know about the drop? In partnership with Immutable (Ethereum's second-tier network), the NFT collection of TikTok Top Moments will feature six videos from Grimes, Lil Nas X, Bella Poarch and more. All of these are on Oct. 6. And I'll remind you of the legendary drop from MekaVerse on that day https://twitter.com/MekaVerse - don't f@cking miss it.


Dapper Labs and NFL

Let’s play?

Dapper Labs has announced a partnership with the NFL and created an NBA Top Shot-style trading floor. Like its basketball sibling, the site will be on Flow and released during the current NFL season, which ends Jan. 9. Where's the promised UFC?

To the news about Dapper. Dapper bought the Brud platform and is launching a new thing called "Dapper Collective" There's something about DAO... DAO on Flow... I don't know what to say, we'll see.


Cybersports and Solana

Piffle Puff

TSM FTX is the most expensive eSports company in the galaxy (over 400 million), and it is launching its own NFT on Solana in collaboration with NFT Aurory. Solana, Alameda Research, FTX - think about it.


NFT buzz

What we have is (author’s choice)

https://opensea.io/collection/rekt-news-hacks-hopium If you believe in the future of DeFi, then you believe in the future of rekt.news.

https://opensea.io/collection/winterbears Everyone shille this Winter Bears collection. Why we didn’t?


welcome Shaq!

The Legend and the Bored Ape


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