WTF is NFT: Sales are low? Why? Edition №11

12 October | by

Hey Moni Maker

Respect, Moni Maker and passionate NFT lover! Here comes the new Digest, new drops and news. Dorks will say it's just pictures... but you and I know how deeply wrong they are. The jpeg is coursing through your veins!


Market this week

Cards in your hand

Wag1! Pancake Squad is breaking into the marketplace tops, ArtBlocks is off the radar. There hasn't been a single sale of a jpeg that's over $1m... and that's sad. Well, okay. Hopefully, the investors will accumulate the dough so that in the next Digests ALL purchases will be from $1m and more :D


Trading volume increased by 700%


DappRadar released its quarterly market report. It said that NFT trading rose to $$$10.7b for the 3rd quarter, a 700% increase over the previous quarter. August was a record high with a volume of more than $5b.

And there are several reasons for that. NFTs are becoming brands, and building confidence in jpeg are notorious uncles like Snoop Dogg or Shaquille O'Neal. Or meaningful investments from Andreesen Horowitz in Axie Infinity.


Warena and Illuvium will be friends

Compatible metaverses

Warena NFT, backed by support from Animoca, is partnering with Illuvium. There will be full interconnectivity and migration capabilities.

Let us remind you, Warena NFT recently raised $1,500, and Illuvium last raised $5,000. It's worth keeping a close eye on these projects if you're not already doing so, oh my young OG.


NFT buzz


https://themekaverse.com/ - of course, MekaVerse! We mentioned it in a previous Digest - we asked you not to f@cking miss it. The guys were inspired by the Japanese anime universe and released a collection of 8888 Mekas. They're topping the OC charts - who would have doubted it.

https://thehumanoids.co/ - avatar project. In a word, humanoids.




Oh my drop-hunter and gem-master. Dive into the chat and tell what fresh NFT drops you know! Or old ones that you got pumped, gut?

And leave a Digest feedback too! Otherwise all your jpeg will turn into png :) See you!


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