🖼 WTF is NFT: Let's try! Why not? Edition #1

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Hey #Moni Maker 🎨

Yes. We're serious. Moni Talks launches its third digest. NFT one. No, we're not robots. No, we don't use stimulants. Do we sleep? It happens.

All right, let's get to it. We have a new addition to our team! You will now be reading weekly NFT digests from D Mefi. Pretty cool, huh?!

Let the author speak: What's up, guys? Welcome to Moni Tolks' new NFT Digest! My name is D Mefi, and together with you I'm going to explore the crazy and fast-paced world of digital art and collectibles. Here we go!


How is the market feeling?

Diving deep into the NFT world

Light. Camera. Action! One of the most influential players in the NFT sphere with the nickname Artchick gets it right: the last NFT bullrun culminated after a sale of CryptoPunk for more than $750k. However, million sales today are a regular thing for the space. What will be next? Billions? Nobody knows.

Weekly Volumes (Marketplaces):

OpenSea: $37.39m

NBA Top Shot: $4.66m

Sorare: $2.8m

Weekly Volumes (Projects):

Axie Infinity: $101.93m

CryptoPunks: $12.55m

Art Blocks: $3.13m

Bored Ape Yacht Club: $2.81m

Meebits: $2.68m

Number of sales: 35,280

Active market wallets: 14,508

Top Sales for the past 7 days:

CryptoPunk #6297: 520.69 ETH ($1,170,000)

CryptoPunk #1886: 450 ETH ($1,061,419)

The Sandbox Summer Jam Estate: 3,644,834.6 SAND ($863,000)

CryptoPunk #1119: 400.04 ETH ($844,450)

Axie Infinity #2655 ($819,660)

Who would have thought it! CryptoPunks are leading again. The sales volume of the second NFT project in the world has increased by 120% in the last 7 days.


Avatar projects: what’s going on?

Even deeper!

– After the huge success of Bored Ape Yacht Club project many other NFT enthusiasts with their own ideas started to appear. *Just a reminder: the overall volume of BAYC on OpenSea is 25.4k ETHs (almost 56 million dollars).

– The second avatar project that launched a few days after BAYC release was Gutter Cat Gang. Same style and poses, but with Cats. Guys made more than 200 ETHs after the sold-out and their weekly volume right now is 962.14 ETHs (Top 10 on OpenSea).

“Avatar collections boom” gave rise to many other interesting NFT projects: Craniums, BullsOnTheBlock, Cool Cats NFT and Mad Cat Militia Cattery (you will find links to these at the end of our digest).

What’s the point of such projects? The community you enter, social recognition you get and investment you may have. People won’t stop buying things that have demand and that make them more recognizable on social media. “Buy and tweet!” - that’s how it works in the NFT sphere.


The Fail of Binance


Yo! Many people have been waiting for the launch of Binance NFT marketplace. CZ made a great marketing campaign and everyone was talking about it. But, eventually, it didn’t meet our expectations...

NFT marketplace turned out to be a fully centralised, ordinary UI platform that is not allowing artists to publish their artworks without any permission. A place where all limited “Mystery Boxes'' are being bought by bots, not collectors and NFT traders. Binance can do much better. Let’s see what they will implement in the future.


Art has a future!


If you ask NFT degens or enthusiasts: “Who is the best NFT artist right now?”, most of them won’t say it’s Beeple. His time has gone. But who? It’s Fewocious! He is the most hyped NFT artist today and his collaboration with the Christie’s auction helped him to go mainstream.

Could we even imagine that a self-made 18-Year-Old artist will be able to make over $2 million selling NFTs? No, but he did. And we can confidently say that this story motivated many other artists in the sphere.


Projects Underradar (NFA)

No one will show you that

As you can see, this week for NFTs seems wonderful. That is why we prepared a list of projects we believe in:

The Visitors of Imma Degen - 9999 3D NFTs depicting aliens (degens). Made a sold-out, but can be bought on the secondary markets and have a higher price floor in the future.

Devious Devil Dudes - a collection of 6666 NFTs with devils. Have a partnership with a prosperous project Kolectiv. The project went live on the 6th of July. Almost 1000 pieces are already sold.

DeadHeads - 10000 3D NFTs and animated series. Sold-out, but sales are not stopping on OpenSea. Price floor is 0.22 ETH.


NFT of the week

tasty nyamy


Artists of the week

Talents! Wow! Taletns!

First one is Wanksie - https://twitter.com/wanksie. Picasso, it’s you?

The second one is Chemical Messiah - https://twitter.com/thedirtgod. Scary...

The last one is GxngYxng - https://twitter.com/gxngyxngNFT.


Influencers of the week

Power. Money


Links to avatar projects mentioned above:


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