🖼 WTF is NFT: Why I'm not an artist? Edition №3

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Hey Moni Maker

Hey hey hey! Big love to everyone who’s reading our digests! Together with you I’m learning about NFTs and the community we are building. Let’s go!!


How is the market feeling?

Diving deep into the NFT world

Cats who smoke? Oh, come on, you could create a better concept… But it’s fun! Especially when the project is being supported by famous guys like Vitalik Buterin (it’s his first real appearance in NFTs), Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher and others. Stoner Cats collection is making a huge success right now. $6m+ volume of sales!

Btw, these NFTs don’t work only as PFPs, the main utility comes from the fact that your NFT literally becomes a ticket to the cinema. After the purchase you get an opportunity to watch animated films about Cats with voices of people I’ve already mentioned! Nice one.

Okay, let's get back to work. Stats of the week!

Weekly Volumes (Marketplaces):

OpenSea: $89.86m

Rarible: $3.76m

AtomicMarket (Wax): $2.48m

Where is NBA TopShot, hm? Well, they became boring. Guys have to make something more unique than just selling videos of basketball moments. They recently made a collab with the rapper Quavo. But, you know, he is just a rapper… Sorry, fans.

Weekly Volumes (Projects):

Axie Infinity: $167.89m

CryptoPunks: $121.8m

Art Blocks: $44.27m

The Vogu Collective: $7.08m

Stoner Cats: $6.31m

Number of sales: 34,275

Active market wallets: 15,427

Top Sales for the past 7 days:

CryptoPunk #2329: 450 ETH ($1,040,000)

CryptoPunk #6649: 450 ETH ($1,040,000)

“Breaker” by XCOPY: 200 ETH ($480,000)

Autoglyph #485: 120 ETH ($449,470)

“hello admin pm me” by XCOPY: 175 ETH ($378,400)

XCOPY?? That is absolutely amazing to observe! 2 sales of 2 artworks for more than $850k in a week! Unfortunately, this money doesn’t go to the creator itself because they were resold several times, but NFT technology allows some percentages of these speculations to be earned by the artist. Yes, that is exactly how XCOPY got rich!


Where is NBA TopShot?

Even deeper!

Seeing the NBA Top Shot falling might have caused a dump of the NFT sphere as a whole. A few months ago this project was one of the most important. But time is coming and many things have changed... NBA TopShot sales went from $5 million in a week to less than $2 millions. It’s still a lot of money, but from the point of financial analysis this can be considered as a huge decline.

I’ve mentioned before: the project made a collaboration with a rapper Quavo, but that didn’t help a lot, as you can see. The team has to come up with something unique to attract new users. What will it be if this happens? A game? Or… maybe a marketplace with moments from other types of sport? Will see. For now nothing new is getting done.


“Stoner Cats” and “The Vogu Collective” Success

We have friends: cats and robots!

You’ve already read that the Stoner Cats project made a huge success in NFTs. One of the recently listed collections that made almost the same success was The Vogu Collective. Seems like Robots are being adored by the NFT community!

These guys created certain types of robots (with engines in the place of heads) and made a sold-out in a very short time. Right now they are Top-3 on OpenSea! Absolutely amazing results.

Vogu website: https://thevogu.io/


XCOPY killing the game!

kill kill kill

How could 1 person create assets that would cost more than $300k each? But XCOPY could and he made it. Recent sales for the past week shows us how valuable and important his works are.

Just to remind you:

Artwork “Breaker” was sold for 200 ETH ($480,000). Another one called “hello admin pm me” was sold for 175 ETH ($378,400). Crazy. But, tbh, it is normal taking into account the story behind. XCOPY is a CryptoArt OG and can be viewed as one of the first cryptoartists ever. So, he really deserves that.


NFTs and tracking platforms

how 2 trraaaacckkk

CEO of Moni and the head of Moni Talks Garri found this interesting thread by an influencer Matty that you should 100% read if you have ever had problems with tracking of NFT projects.

Thanks, Matty! Now, we can point out a list of platforms Monimakers can use to analyse NFT sphere:


NFT of the week

tasty nyamy

“Breaker” от XCOPY. Was recently sold for 200 ETH.


Artists of the week

Talents! Wow! Taletns!


Influencers of the week

Power. Money. NFT



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