🖼 WTF is NFT #4: Sorry ... No NFT market collapse yet! Edition №4

16 August | by

Hey Moni Maker

Respect. Puff-Puff! The 4th NFT Digest for Gangsters is here. We continue to dive into the NFT industry....go explore it? :)


What's on the market this week?

Mirror, mirror, help me see!

Let's start with a statement from a very influential NFT guy called gmoney.eth. Just think about it and draw some conclusions.

Marketplace stats


Traders: 79,424 (+41.2%)

Volumes: $484,169M (+26.5%)

NBA Top Shot

Traders: 32,058 (-11.1%)

Volumes: 7,314M (+9.7%)


Traders: 3,423 (+7%)

Volumes: $4,142M (-10.4%)

Collection stats

Axie Infinity

Traders: 121,777 (+18.81%)

Volumes: $219,743M (+2.65%)

Sales: 414,912 (+10.12%)

Pudgy Penguins

Traders: 5,430 (+40.49%)

Volumes: $51,105M (+1218.26%)

Sales: 8,686 (+33.71%)


Traders: 267 (-69.93%)

Volumes: $45,575M (-73.79%)

Sell: 213 (-80.39%)

Top Sells

Bored Ape Yacht Club #37 Price: 400 ETH ($1.29M)

CryptoPunk #8805 Price: 420.69 ETH ($1.28M)

Ringers #52 Price: 400 ETH ($1.18M)

Art is outplaying pfp-projects, though so far only in the notorious Art Blocks Curated. Let's see what the next week has in store, my young OG.



Don’t miss it!

NFT Influencers. Once these influential guys make a few tweets about NFT projects, they're almost doomed to SOLD OUT. If you know of anyone else as influential on the market and the project as a whole, let us know on our Twitter feed https://twitter.com/getmoni_talks


NFT buzz

We have it! goood!

https://incognitonft.com/. There were 1,777 sold at presale in 6 minutes. August 14 was the main sale of the remaining 8223 art and soldiered on in 6 minutes.

https://www.derpybirbs.com. The mating season is open. When two Birds really love each other, they bond, and... you get an egg!

The soldout was lightning fast; besides the great art, Pransky also made a significant contribution. Go to the secondary, crossbreed lover :)

https://monsterblocks.io. Just like the Tower of Babel of the 21st century! Great design and mechanics. To feel like a real bricklayer and mason - go to the secondary and try it. There are already real craftsmen who have built towers of 40 NFT.


Doo hast, doo hast mitch!

Грязная игра

Till Lindemann released an NFT this week with his images taken at the Hermitage.

The Hermitage didn't like it, and...they created a scandal. "The Hermitage is probably one of the first museums in the world to be confronted with unfair use of its name and works in the NFT sphere." Museum officials call the situation "foul play."

Do you have a hunch that "foul play from the Hermitage itself"? There's been much talk about them in the last month all over the newsstands in the NFT context. The guys want the hype; the guys get it.


Author at the microphone

Nooo fomo

Don't be a fool, don't be a speculator. Two weeks ago you sold Pudgy Penguins for .047 Eth, and today you have a line of submissive bitches with tempting offers. The current offer is 200 ETH.

Get your lanyard from the ceiling.


Drops this week?

Twitter Streets Whispered


Website Twitter Discord

16 August

Sympathy For The Devils

Website Twitter Discord


6666 Mint Size

17 August

Hobo Beard Club x 90's

Website Twitter Discord

18 August

On1 Force

Website Twitter Discord

19 August

Kitticoin Exclusove Club

Website Twitter Discord

20 August


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