๐Ÿ–ผ Long story short, I'm a collector. What about you? Edition โ„–5

23 August | by

Hey Moni Maker

Here comes the fifth NFT Digest! Let's explore NFT as we go along. And let's skip the long greetings; jpeg pictures are waiting. :)


Market this week

Get to the bottom of it



Traders: 85 421 (+1.8%)

Volumes: $539.5M (+12.7%)

NBA Top Shot

Traders: 59,563 (+86.4%)

Volumes: 47.1M (+22.8%)


Traders: 2,712 (-17.4%)

Volumes: $4.2M (+10.4%)


Axie Infinity

Traders: 140,865 (+10.6%)

Volumes: $205.8M (-5%)

Sales: 472,614 (+10.4%)

Art Blocks

Traders: 7,115 (+71.9%)

Volumes: $129.3M (+178.8%)

Sales: 12,700 (+118.1%)


Traders: 279 (+18.7%)

Volumes: $47.4M (+22.3%)

Sales: 233 (+21.9%)

Top sales

The art market was rightly the real dominant one last week. Out of ten top-selling projects, only one avatar project broke into the list, and of course, that was Crypto Punk. And it's at the bottom of the list. The eight most expensive sales were from Art Blocks Curated. Let's figure out how the art market works today and why contemporary art costs as much as it does. Go?


1000% and one night

Token from SuperRare

NFT marketplace SuperRare was launched in the fall of 2018. In that time, more than a thousand artists have sold over $90 million worth of their work. On August 17, the site announced it was moving to version 2.0, which will feature SuperRare DAO and other cool stuff. The list is right here.

The guys gave away 150 million RARE tokens to those who bought and sold something before July 21. Please go check it out; maybe you'll get a delicious drop. And yes, it's a real rocket. On Uniswap, they listed for $0.12; right now, it's just over $1.3. Expect the same from OC? :)


NFT buzz

What we have?

CyberKongz VX https://www.cyberkongz.com/

These are 2D / 3D avatars. Some seem okay, some seem weird, and some are just freaking awesome!

Total: 10 000 CyberKong VX

Mint price: .07 ฮž

Floor OC: 1 ฮž

0N1 Force https://www.0n1force.com/

Heroes who fight for their existence. Strength, spirit, and style are what it takes to survive in The Ethereal Enclave. Read the plans https://www.0n1force.com/#roadmap

Total: .7777

Mint price: .0777 ฮž

Floor OC: 2.6 ฮž


What about drops?

Twitter streets whispered

Art Blocks Factory


Twitter Discord

Total: 1000

Mint price: 1,4ฮž, 1,2ฮž, 1ฮž, 0,8ฮž, 0,6ฮž, 0,4ฮž, 0,2ฮž

23 august

Pirate Space Bottles


Twitter Discord

Total: 6000

Mint price: 0,025ฮž

25 august

Alien Punks


Twitter Discord

Total: 3000

Mint price:

26 august

Crypto Pills


Twitter Discord

Total: 10000

Mint price: 0,07ฮž

27 august


Author at the micro

Isn't that crazy?

The legendary transaction. Spend 19 eth on commission with a gas price of 16,090 gwei and buy 10 NFT Incognito for a total of 0.85 eth.


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