🖼 WTF is NFT: Back to the Roots? Edition №9

28 September | by

Hey Moni Maker

Peef Puff! The new NFT Digest for Gangsters is here. We continue our immersion in jpeg....gogogogogo!

Let’s go!


Market this week

Get to the bottom of it

By Marketplace


Traders: 173 692 (-2%)

Volumes: $524M (-12%)


Traders: 2,598 (-37%)

Volumes: $4.4M (-3%)

NBA Top Shot

Traders: 46,128 (+22%)

Volumes: $3.6M (+43%)

By Collection

Axie Infinity

Trades: 149,578 (+16%)

Volumes: $110.9M (-2%)

Sales: 452,561 (+14%)


Traders: 151 (-24%)

Volumes: $40.8M (-25%)

Sales: 111 (-30%)

Art Blocks

Traders: 3,276 (-16%)

Volumes: $27.8M (-59%)

Sales: 2,928 (-37%)

Топ продажи

Some Asshole (Price 1.3k Ξ, $3.9M)

All Time High in the City (Price 1k Ξ, $2.9M)

Chromie Squiggle #4697 (Price 945Ξ, $2.7M)

Spring, summer, fall, winter... and spring again. Everything is in its way! We're getting to grips with jpeg zen. Our favourite Axie Infinity, CryptoPunks, and Art Blocks are back at the top of our collections. Everything is as it should be. But please notice, my OG, there's not even one avatar project in the top sales, not one! You're minting the sh!t. Let's look at art; we urgently need to find the book "Art for Dummies in 5 Minutes"... eh!


Mania from TIME Magazine

Steal in 60 seconds

TIME magazine has drawn over the top attention to the NFT marketplace. They sold 4,676 NFTs at .1Ξ each. These jpegs give you access to TIME.com, straight till you die, and all sorts of fan stuff. What I noticed here was a fucking gaswar of universal proportions! The average price of a mint was about 8k gwei, and the very ceiling was 10k gwei. That's great!


Snoop Dogg, is it you?

A Mystery Behind the Seven Seals

Is that you https://twitter.com/CozomoMedici? It looks like you. There's a lot of arcane judgments on Twitter about whether he is or isn't, whether he seems or isn't. There's a whole story there, so just read Snoopy's tweet, draw some conclusions. What else? The rapper has partnered with The Sandbox. It will be a fierce shill, be sure to follow him if you don't even make rap.


Let's keep our eyes on FLOW

And don't blink

Dapper Labs raised another $250 million with an estimate of more than 7.5 yards. Really! Dapper has a lot of partnerships. From Google to the Football League. The guys are doing very well! So keep an eye on their drops.


NFT buzz

What we have is

https://galacticapes.com/ To the glory of the apes! Colonizing new worlds in the deepest reaches of space.

Total: 9,999.

Mint price: .08 Ξ

Floor: .96 Ξ

https://monsterbuds.io/ Grow, breed and smoke. It's about cannabis and monster buds. Just take it and do it!

Total: 10 420

Mint Price: .07 Ξ

Floor: .7 Ξ


This week drops


We're giving you the role of drop-hunter this time, too. Dive into the chat or on Twitter and write the NFT drops that hit you in the soul! And we're waiting for you, oh gem-master!


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