👩‍🌾 Yield Duck: The market staggers like a drunk schoolboy? Edition №10

15 September | by

Hey Moni Maker

My friend, stop feeding me your NFT bullshit. It's in the next Digest. My doctor told me not to take your NFTs; they gave me indigestion...

О! Damn, I forgot again. It's Wednesday. Well, thanks, Satoshi, you are here. It's Yield Duck from Farm Milka. And as usual, my sons Delta.Theta и Moni Talks are listening to me. They're great kids!

The young ones don't know anything about the market; they're looking for profits... I tell them it's not the profit, brothers. It's the amount of them... Okay, grandfather's jokes. There's a market waiting. Let's walk!


Parsing the market like Lego

Overall Legacy of the Week

DeFi market capitalization was about to make a breakthrough to conquer new All-Time-Highs, but a sudden bitcoin price pullback prevented it. TVL looked more dynamic and made a nice gain, pushing back from the local bottom. All in all, everything looks like a preparation for a big jump up!


The above-mentioned "rebound" of the total TVL occurred mainly due to Ethereum, but at the end of the week, most projects were negative on this indicator. And some of them were in significant losses. If we talk about NFT, the volume of NFT-art trading decreased. Well, only art; there's nothing wrong with games.

Champion of the week: Alpha again (+74.56%)


Despite the positive news, such as the launch of the NFT-marketplace on Pancakeswap, additional liquidity in BSC is still not coming. The exception is single projects.

Gainer of the Week: Moonpot (+111%)


Old boy POLYGON is obviously a bit tired. The price of token fell, TVL too...Nevertheless, there are positive things too; for example, Lido will now be on Polygon.

Leader of the week: KogeFarm (+240%)


For more than a month now, everyone has been talking about SOLANA. It seems to have rolled back a bit in all parameters in the past week. The third blockchain on TVL is strong, although it is still a long way from the "killer" of ETH, of course. Birds have whispered that there was some network glitch recently... But it all works now! We wish the project organic growth without being overrated.

Absolute Dominator of the Week: Parrot Finance (+303%)

AVALANCHE has become a big enough boy for us to pay attention to. TVL grew 10 times in the last month, after all, a lot of interesting projects...Come on, boy!

The beauty of the week: Olive Cash (+46.42%)

Projects’ News

The WSBDApp trading platform has announced Exchange Traded Portfolios (ETPs) on Balancer (V2). Similar to an ETF, WSBDApp's ETPs on Balancer create a carefully selected portfolio of liquid and balanced tokens. As a result, ETPs allow retail investors to diversify their portfolios with tokens such as WBTC, WETH, wDGLD, USDC, EURS and NZDS to hedge against fiat currency inflation.

The Uniswap team has rolled out an updated terminal v3. They added more information to the terminal while keeping it intuitive. Now the rookies will look at even more charts before selling crypto at the bottom of the market. Ha-ha…

The Compound community is gaining momentum for a liquidation vote of $6,817,632.51 that occurred on Coinbase on November 26, 2020, due to massive rate growth. Oh, these urban ppl... Thoughtlessly started shorting against the project, plus they're getting compensated. If you get that cocky, don't come back to the ranch!

Aave founder Stani Kulechov sold an NFT called "Yield" for 350 ETH for $1.15 million to an anonymous bidder. By the way, what about adding the word "Duck" to NFT "Yield" and selling it for 5x? Okay, jokes, back to our lucky guy... Anonymous now has a difficult choice: keep NFT and wait for the price to rise, or return the purchase to Kulechov before October 31. In return, the buyer will get back either 10% of the NFT price or 10 ETH ($33,000), whichever is cheaper. Have you already guessed which option our hero will choose and what the outcome will be? Hehe...

Cakes are trying to jump on the NFT hype train too. They have announced the launch of the NFT Marketplace on September 22. They promise that we'll be treated to a bunch of #PancakeSquad NFT bunnies, and all the commission will go to redemption and #CAKE burning. This needs to be celebrated. I'm going to get drunk on milk and buy myself a couple of NFT ranch bunnies!


Yeld review | FARM THEM ALL

I'm not Milen Farmer. I'm a Farmer.

And now I'm going to share some interesting farming ideas with you. I've listed them down into three parts by risk profile: low, medium, and high (IT’S REALLY DANGEROUS).

Even though Delta.Theta did a good analysis, DYOR on your part is necessary! DYOR is a f@cking mask when you walk into a store! You can't go into projects without it! Gooooo!

Low Risk

Do you like pasta? Nah, you don't get it; it's just pastries :)) Well, go ahead, farm some stables here! And count the APY, by the way, it's not bad at all.

Medium Risk

Did you have a great DYOR on the pasta DEX? Then you can pair it with BNB on Pancake, and to farm! APY is supposed to be too sweet in the end, make sure it doesn't stick there.

High Risk

You'll find that crazy Avalanche farming here. Trader Joe's at the top, and with Tether, but don't get too comfortable there, okay?

Anyway, if you lose the money, don't even think about coming to my ranch. I'll cut your ass off and you won't be able to sit in crypto anymore. All right, I'm kidding. I'm gonna go finish my milk and go to sleep.

Follow my homies everywhere. Otherwise, there won't be any more digests!

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