👩‍🌾 Yield Duck: What the f@ck crashed there again?! Edition #2

21 July | by

Hey #Moni Maker 🚜

Hey, mug! Or as the townspeople call you, #Moni Maker. Do you have to put your name through the hashtag, hee hee hee?

I probably had too much milk last time. So let me introduce myself again. My name is Yield Duck. You're at the Farm Milka Ranch. That's where I live, looking at the market and chillin'.

Thanks to Delta.Theta and Moni Talks! These city folks came to see me again to listen to my reports and pass them on to you. Let's go!


Parsing the market like Lego

Overall Legacy of the Week

Last week? What was it? Ugh... The DeFi market rode down the fucking hill following its big brothers, bitcoin and ETH. As a result, the 10 largest DeFi projects are all the way up to 40B, and the total value locked (TVL) of the industry is down to 102.61B (down 6.66%). In short, everything and everyone was falling, even the now insane Axie Infinity (which overtook Uniswap in revenue). There were exceptions, but not many :(

TVL decreased in both ecosystem leaders - Ethereum and BSC. But dude, maybe at least some projects were growing?

Yes. But there were very few...


From the top 20: AAVE (+1.9%) and Compound (+1.78%)

From the top 50: Alchemix (+5.53%), Frax (+7.25%), Saddle Finance (+19.09%) and Rari (+26.75%).

Liquity (-47.47%) was especially notable by fall.

The picture with BSC is even less positive.


From the top 20 BSC: Fortube (+7.65%).

Leaders of the fall: Bepswap (-85.27%) and Rabbit Finance (-98.49%)

The volume of locked funds within the POLYGON ecosystem fell by 12.5% in the last week, although in the middle of the week there was a growth of 5%. The main reason for the migration of capital may be the launch of a test version of the L2 solution Optimizm for the Ethereum network by UNISWAP. The emergence of an alternative solution to increase the speed of transfers and reduce the size of the commissions could not fail to affect the interest from the farmers. The maximum decrease in the amount of attracted capital was noted in the project Adamant Finance (ADDY). It lost 44% of its initial $220M figure in a week!

Solana blockchain is not yet able to attract new users in significant numbers. But there are no losses either - the amount of liquidity in all projects remained almost unchanged.

Projects’ News

To keep up with competitors, the project announced the launch of a new generation AMM - Trident. Concentrated liquidity, hybrid pools and the ability to add up to 8 types of assets to the pool will now be available at SUSHI.

Rune Christensen, Maker Foundation CEO, has announced the complete decentralization of the platform. Now MAKER is a full DAO, where the participation of developers and launch team will be minimal. In the next few months, the foundation will finally step down and the management of the project will be fully transferred to the owners of MKR tokens.

The project team closely follows the hot trends, and just recently launched a new direction - Polygon Studio, which will focus on NFT and play&earn projects.

The platform announced the start of NEONLAB studio's development of its own Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) support module, which could effectively combine the strengths of both blockchains within a single L2 solution.

On July 19, another CAKE burn of 5,601,000 was made, which is about $65M at current exchange rates. With $1.8M worth of tokens being redeemed from the market, in the current challenging times such buy-backs are one of the best decisions that can support the price of the token.



Yeld review | FARM THEM ALL

I'm not Milen Farmer. I'm a Farmer.

And now I'm going to share some interesting farming ideas with you. I've listed them down into three parts by risk profile: low, medium, and high (IT’S REALLY DANGEROUS).

Even though Delta.Theta did a good analysis, DYOR on your part is necessary! DYOR is a f@cking mask when you walk into a store! You can't go into projects without it! Gooooo!

Low Risk

4 stabelcoins staking on Swerve is a low-risk, but relatively high reward story (don’t forget the reinvestment, of course). Not a bad TVL gives extra confidence, you just have to figure it out a bit.

Medium Risk

The next option resides in fusion pools on Raydium. First we need to provide liquidity for the STEP-USDC pair. Everything is clear with USDC, but who is Mr. STEP? STEP is the son of my mother's friend Aunt Solana, he is really good. Nevertheless, you should DYOR him as hard as BIlly can!

High Risk

The bravest can try banana farming, but first you have to go to the jungle for liquidity and then to autofarm. The guys will make sure that reinvestment happens on time and that there are enough bananas for everyone. But watch your step, bananas can be very tricky. And they can...EAT YOU HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Anyway, if you lose the money, don't even think about coming to my ranch. I'll cut your ass off and you won't be able to sit in crypto anymore. All right, I'm kidding. I'm gonna go finish my milk and go to sleep.

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