👩‍🌾 Yield Duck: Solana rocks like your drunken grandfather! Edition № 8

2 September | by

Hey Moni Maker

I love to chill, especially when my home market is also chilling. Ugh! I love it, I love it...

Fuh...fuh...ah! What?! Who?!

Oh! The city people from Delta.Theta и Moni Talks are here again. They want to hear about the market. Sorry, but I'm hungover. Had too much milk last night and kicked my cousin off the neighbouring ranch.

And I'm with you, as usual. Yield Duck! You're at the Farm Milka ranch! Let's walk!


Parsing the market like Lego

Overall Legacy of the Week

After a nice rise, the market apparently decided to take a little rest and headed to lie on the side...But then wow! WOW! NFT and Solana decided to get a little crazy…


Ethereum has updated its ATH again. The main movement here right now is around NFT: OpenSea trading volume exceeded $3 billion in August, people are paying millions for a picture of a rock, and school kids are getting rich in no time...why didn't it happen when I was a kid?

Gainer of the week: Uniswap v3 (+12.45%).


The community, of course, is angry at Binance because of the mandatory KYC, but BSC and its development are not much affected. Pancake burned a record number of its tokens the other day, which should be the reason for the subsequent growth. There is no cosmic increase in TVL, but new, exciting projects are taking a larger share in it, some of which are the protocol for leveraged farming Alpaca.finance and the Tranchess project. The latter, by the way, is again the growth leader with a result of +25%.


POLYGON stands out even less by the increase in the volume of locked funds; it seems as if the growth has stopped at all. The last two months have been purely sideways. This may be a consequence of increasing competition from other blockchains, which is a positive factor for the industry as a whole. The ecosystem isn't standing still and is also trying to grab its piece of the pie from NFT: Polygon Studios, Polygon's NFT&Gaming division, is entering into numerous partnerships with new projects.

Leader of the week : Koge Farm (+60.5%)


SOLANA again gave everyone a light! TVL grew by 40% in a week, and the price of tokens even by 62.5%. $SOL moved to 8th place by capitalization. The popularity of the ecosystem is obviously growing against the backdrop of high commissions and low rates of Ether. Solana is attracting more and more interest from institutional investors: during the week, Osprey applied to the SEC to register the Solana Fund.

Leader of the week: Solend (+61.5%)

Projects’ News

The team has launched liquidity pools based on Arbitrum's L2 solution. At the moment, the following pairs are available: ETH-USDC, ETH-USDT, ETH-WBTC, ETH-LINK, ETH-SUSHI. The issue of DAO tokens swap with the Olympus project was also put to preliminary voting.

AAVE brought up the issue of managing and voting on DAO proposals through various networks.

Polygon has organized a hackathon and grant system. Apparently, the project hopes to attract even more talented developers and expand its audience.


Yeld review | FARM THEM ALL

I'm not Milen Farmer. I'm a Farmer.

And now I'm going to share some interesting farming ideas with you. I've listed them down into three parts by risk profile: low, medium, and high (IT’S REALLY DANGEROUS).

Even though Delta.Theta did a good analysis, DYOR on your part is necessary! DYOR is a f@cking mask when you walk into a store! You can't go into projects without it! Gooooo!

Low Risk

Yes, it's not 150% APR, but it's 156M locked funds and it's Balancer. It's reliable, after all. But still...DYOR!

Medium Risk

Chess is forever. I'll tell you the farming-gambit: move 1 - you provide liquidity, move 2 - you put it here. But do it properly, so you don't get a checkmate!

High Risk

Fantom story with some wild numbers on Beefi. Let you work it out for yourself...

Anyway, if you lose the money, don't even think about coming to my ranch. I'll cut your ass off and you won't be able to sit in crypto anymore. All right, I'm kidding. I'm gonna go finish my milk and go to sleep.

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